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The historic town of Kalavryta is a mountain settlement in Achaia Prefecture, built upon the green slopes of Helmos Mountain. Stone houses with tile roofs, cobblestone streets and landscapes of heavenly beauty compose the picture of this small town.


Kalavryta is a rather grown tourist resort, which offers hotels and traditional inns, taverns, attentive cafés/bars, old coffee houses with wooden stoves as well as tourist shops selling handcrafted jewels and local products. This small town is famous for the ski center, which during winter attracts numerous tourists. Those who love to ski or snowboard, can "take advantage" of the wonderful slopes of Helmos, which, to a large extent, are covered by fir forests and get some rest at the reception areas, enjoying a cup of coffee or dining. Hallmark of the town is the picturesque railway station of Odontotos Rail from Diakofto to Kalavryta. The route to Diakofto passes through landscapes of incomparable natural beauty, with lush vegetation, as Odontotos crosses the beautiful, green canyon of Vouraikos.


In addition, to the natural beauty, the place boasts "heavy" history, which is "reflected" on the monuments of the region. One of the most important monuments of Kalavryta is the Place of Sacrifice, on Kapi hill. Here, a large cross reminds the visitor of the execution of all males aged 14 years and older by the Germans in December 1943. The Municipal Museum of the Holocaust, which is housed in the well-preserved Kalavryta Elementary School, is also of great interest. Moreover, Paleologina’s Mansion, one of the few surviving mansions in town, which today serves as a cultural center of the municipality, is worth visiting.


North of the town, you will see the ruins of Kalavryta Castle or Oria Castle. Despite its great historical value, the castle remains unexploited and hardly accessible. Just outside Kalavryta stands the impressive Monastery of the Great Cave, built at the entrance of a natural cave, in the "arms" of steep, gigantic rocks! Near Kalavryta, lies the famous Agia Lavra’s Monastery. Here, according to tradition, the rebel-leaders took their oath and so the banner of the Greek Revolution of 1821 arose. North of the Monastery of Agia Lavra, the Monument dedicated to the Heroes of the Revolution dominates.


Combining its "heavy" history with the unique natural beauty of the region, Kalavryta, righteously consist one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Snowy in winter, "dressed" in earthy shades in autumn, colorful in spring and cool in summer, Kalavryta captivates even the most demanding visitor all year round!



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Λαχταριστά πιάτα στην παραδοσιακή ταβέρνα "ο ΕΛΑΤΟΣ" στα Καλάβρυτα



Στην παραδοσιακή ταβέρνα "ο Έλατος" θα γευτείτε εξαίσια πιάτα παραδοσιακής ελληνικής κουζίνας. Το κατάστημα έχει βραβευτεί ως μία από τις καλύτερες παραδοσιακές ταβέρνες της περιοχής από την "Hellas Life Style Top Business". 


Τα φαγητά διαφέρουν από εποχή σε εποχή και σε διάφορες ποικιλίες. Χρησιμοποιούν ντόπια υλικά της περιοχής όπως (χυλοπίτες, φέτα, φορμαέλα, κηπευτικά, κρασί, λάδι, τα οποία είναι και βιολογικά).


Αξίζει να δοκιμάσετε:

Ψητά όπως κοκορέτσι, κοντοσούβλι ή μπριζόλα χοιρινή σούβλας!

Μαγειρευτά (κατσικάκι με λαδορίγανη, κόκκορας με μακαρονάδα, λαχανοδολμάδες με αυγολέμονο και στριφτάρι), όπως επίσης και κυνήγια (αγριογούρουνο, λαγός σφιφάδο, ελάφι, ζαρκάδι) και διάφορες χωριάτικες πίτες.


Η ταβέρνα βρίσκεται στο κέντρο των Καλαβρύτων στην κεντρική πλατεία έναντι της εκκλησίας.

Υπεύθυνος καταστήματος: Στέργιος Ιωάννης

Τηλ. 26920 22541, Κιν. 697 280 71 93, Fax. 26920 22541

E- mail:


- Agia Lavra’s Monastery


- The Great Cave


- The Lakes’ Cave at Kastria


- Zahlorou village


- Planitero, (a forest of plane trees growing for hundreds of years)


- The Archaeological Site of Ano (Upper) Lousoi village


- The Archaeological Site of the Ancient city of Kleitor


- The village of Ancient Leontio (nowadays Kato Vlasia)


- Rose petals spoon sweet


- Kok with flour-cream (cream puffs with cake-like biscuits, usually filled with pastry cream and chocolate glaze on the top)


- Fir honey


- Feta cheese


- Traditional handmade pasta

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Athens

Travelling by car

To reach Kalavryta you can drive from Athens via the National Highway from Corinth to Patras (186 km distance - 2 hours & 15 minutes ride approximately). When you reach Diakopto, follow the signs to Kalavryta Ski Centre.


Travelling by train

You can also take the Intercity Train of OSE (National Railway Organisation) to Diakopto and from there you can take Odontotos rack railway to reach Kalavryta experiencing a magical route. The journey on Odontotos lasts approximately 70 minutes.



From Thessaloniki

Travelling by car

To reach Kalavryta you can drive from Thessaloniki Via Egnatia Highway (540 km distance - 6 hours & 20 minutes ride approximately). Once you reach Ioannina, take the exit to Arta and drive to Filippiada, Arta, Menidi, Amfilochia, Antirrio and after crossing the bridge to Rio, follow the signs to Athens. When you reach Diakopto, follow the signs to Kalavryta Ski Centre.

Medical Care

During your stay in Kalavryta, you can be served for health issues:


University General Hospital of Patra which is located at Ippokratous street in Rio, Tel: (+30) 2613 603000


Health Center of Kalavryta, Tel: (+30) 26940 22222


Health Center of Kleitoria, Tel: (+30) 26920 31617, 31207

Useful phone numbers

Police Station of Kalavryta: (+30) 26920 23333


Police Station of Kleitoria: (+30) 26920 31206


Fire Department of Kalavryta: (+30) 26920 23199


University General Hospital of Patra: (+30) 2613 603000


Health Center of Kalavryta: (+30) 26940 22222


Health Center of Kleitoria: (+30) 26920 31617, 31207


Intercity Bus of Kalavryta: (+30) 26920 22224


Train Station of Kalavryta: (+30) 26920 22245


Train Station of Zachlorou: (+30) 26920 23189


Train Station of Diakopto: (+30) 26910 43206


TAXI : (+30) 26920 22127


Ski Center of Kalavryta: (+30) 26920 24451-2

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Museum Holocaust Kalavryta Achaia Peloponnese Greece
Museum of the Holocaust
Monastery of the Great Cave Peloponnese Greece
Monastery of the Great Cave
Place of Sacrifice Kalavryta Peloponnese Greece
Τhe Place of Sacrifice
Monastery Agia Lavra Kalavryta Peloponnese Greece
Monastery of Agia Lavra

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