Holidays in Gythio Laconia Peloponnese Greece


Holidays in Gythio

The charming town of Gythio constitutes the largest settlement in Mani. It bears an island "color" and is surrounded by beautiful neoclassical buildings, amphitheatrically perched on the hillside of the green hill Akoumaros or Koumaros (Strawberry Tree). Neoclassical mansions in pastel shades, red tile roofs, small balconies and a picturesque harbor compose the scenery of this romantic sea-town. It is worth "losing yourself" in the narrow, picturesque alleys, that climb up the hill and reveal the beautiful "spots" of the town.


The busiest part of Gythio is its harbor along with the coastal road. Here, you will find taverns, restaurants, café/bars serving ouzo. There, you can also enjoy your meal, while watching the fishing boats and the fishermen patiently preparing their nets. Look for the impressive building of the City Hall, as well as the building of the Old Girls School. Those of you who love walking can visit Agii Pandes (All Saints) Church which dominates the hilltop of Koumaros hill and enjoy the magnificent view of Gythio and the Laconic Gulf! Gythio’s hallmark is the verdant islet of Kranai or Marathonisi, artificially connected to the opposite shore. Here, according to mythology, Paris and Helen found refuge! From the islet, the view of the colored city of Gythio, “mirrored” in the Laconic Gulf’s waters, resembles a painting! At one end of Kranai, covered with tiles, stands the whitewashed church of St. Peter. At the other end an impressive, octagonal, marble lighthouse predominates. Kranai benchmark is the impressive Tzannetaki stone Tower, which nowadays houses the Historical Ethnological Museum of Mani. Just north of the current town of Githio (location Palaiopoli), up on the hill, where the ancient city was formerly situated, the ruins of the ancient citadel are clearly discernible. At the foot of the hill, the well-preserved ancient theater, where several plays during the summer months are hosted, is situated.


Gythio, this romantic and tranquil "Earth of the Gods", makes a great destination for holidays all year round, as well as an ideal base for exploring the beautiful “corner”' of the wider Laconic Mani!



Gythio Map Peloponnese Greece


In Gythio you will find beautiful, mainly sandy beaches.

South, in a short distance from Gythio’s center, lies Mavrovouni, the most popular beach in the area, with crystal clear waters and thick sand. This is a long beach with organized sections. The beach is “favored” by the winds, (especially during the afternoon hours), thus making it ideal for all kind of water sports. Along the beach, you will find cafés and restaurants, as well as an Arhelon station. Archelon is an organisation founded to protect the sea turtle caretta-caretta which is reproduced in the region. After Mavrovouni, the beach of Vathi follows. Furthermore, there are Kamares beach, with thick sand, and the beautiful Skoutari beach.

Northeastern of Gythio, on the road that leads to Skala, you will find the sandy beach of Selinitsa. And further below, the sandy beach of Valtaki. The image of the rusty "body" of a shipwreck, emerging from the seawater, will take your breath away! Those who prefer isolation will immediately fell in love with the small bay of Trinisa. Opposite to the beach, there are three small islands where you can go swimming! Those who love walking can explore the countless, idyllic beaches of Laconic Mani’s wider region.



- Passava Castle


- The nearby, mountainous villages Arna, Lemonia and Spartia


- Mavromihalis’ Tower in the village of Agios Vasileios


- Goulades Castle in Mavrovouni


- Antonios Grigorakis’ Tower in Ageranos village


- Some more distant parts of Mani, as Cape Tainaro, Vathia, Porto Cayo, Gerolimenas, Dyros Caves, Limeni and Areopolis


- Loupina


- “Travihtes” (fried dough pies “hauled” into an oval shape)


- Prickly Pears


- Honey


- Oil and Olives


- Mountain Herbs


- Smoked Syglino (corned pork, salted to dry and smoked in green sage for hours)

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Athens

Travelling by car

To reach Gythion you can drive from Athens via the National Highway from Corinth to Tripoli (255 km distance - 3 hours ride). After passing Tripoli you will keep heading for the city of Sparta and after that for Gythion.


Travelling by bus

You can also take the Intercity Bus (KTEL Bus of Laconia) from the Intercity Bus Station of Kifissos (approximately 4 hours journey). For more information on the bus routes of KTEL Bus of Laconia click here.



From Patra

Travelling by car

The fastest way to reach Gythion from Patras is to drive via the National Highway from Patras to Corinth (300 km distance - 4 hours ride approximately) . When you reach Corinth, take the road to Tripoli following the signs to Sparta and finally the signs to Gythion.



From Kalamata

Travelling by bus

If you are in the city of Kalamata and wish to make a trip to Gythion, there are connecting bus routes (KTEL Bus of Messinia) from Kalamata to Sparta, with stopovers at Gythion and Mistra. For more information click here.

Medical Care

During your stay in Gythio, you can be served for health issues:


Health Center of Gythio, Tel: (+30) 27330 22001-2

Useful phone numbers

Gythio Port Authority: (+30) 27330 29018


Police Station of Gythio: (+30) 27330 22100, 22271


Fire Department of Gythio: (+30) 27330 22199


Health Center of Gythio: (+30) 27330 22001-2


Intercity Bus of Gythio: (+30) 27330 22228


TAXI: (+30) 27330 52382, 51442

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