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Holidays in Areopolis - Itilo - Limeni

Laconic or Inner Mani is a place full of history and legends! Impressive towers and majestic chateaus, wild landscapes with steep, bare mountain peaks, but also beautiful beaches, create an idyllic setting!


In the heart of Laconic Mani, lies the picturesque village of Areopolis. The oldest part of the settlement, has maintained the original local architecture. Cobbled alleys, stone chateaus and majestic towers "take" the visitors back to past eras! The Towers of Pikoulaki, Mavromichali and Kapetanakos dominate the village of Areopolis. Benchmark of the place is the historic Square of  March 17th. Here stands the church of Taxiarches (Archangels), where, according to the locals, started the praise and gathering of the people of Mani, before they took their oath upon "Victory or Death", inaugurating the Greek Revolution against the Turkish Occupation on March 17th 1821. Look for the church devoted to both Virgin Mary and St. Haralambos, with its impressive folk murals, as well as the church of Our Lady of the Georgian, with its elaborate reliefs. Apart from its historical "character", the old part of Areopolis has grown into a touristic centre full of attentive taverns, tasteful bars and several traditional guesthouses. In the modern part of Areopolis,at Athanatwn (Immortals) Square, dominates the impressive statue of Petrobeis Mavromichalis.


Here, you will find numerous shops and cafes / bars, whereas on Saturdays, an open-air market takes place, where you can buy local products. From the north entrance of Areopolis, a road descends to Limeni. Charming Limeni, one of the most wonderful surprises Mani holds for its visitors, is a tiny port, which from high above looks like a painting! The stone houses with their colorful windows and tiled roofs ''embrace'' the turquoise waters of the bay, creating a landscape of unique beauty! In the upper part of the village, stands the famous Tower of Petrobeis Mavromihalis, reminding the visitor of the "heavy" historical heritage of the place. Besides its picturesque "character", this settlement is also famous for its seaside taverns with delicious food.


Next to Limeni, New Itilo (Tsipa) is situated, a rapidly developing tourist resort. The historic, Old Itilo is a beautiful small village, built on a hilltop on the edge of a gorge. This picturesque village offers unique view to the Castle of Kelefas, to New Itilo and το Karavostasi. Unlike the villages southern of Areopolis, Itilo is "dipped" in green. Seek the historic Ntekoulou Monastery, with the famous mural of the zodiac. Within a short distance from Itilo dominate the ruins of the Castle of Kelefas.


In Laconic Mani, the unique local architecture "combined" harmonically with the wild natural beauty of the place, create a "corner" of the Peloponnese so peculiar and so special, that captivates even the most demanding traveler!


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Laconic Mani offers numerous beaches of heavenly beauty, with crystal clear waters and white pebbles or golden sand.

Limeni is ideal for diving off the rocks into the crystal, turquoise waters. The New Itilo (Tsipa) has a long beach with sand and pebbles, a part of which is organized. In the wider region of Mani, you will find countless, beautiful beaches like Gerolimenas, Porto Cayo, Marmari, Mezapos, Kyparissos, and Alypa.

Furthermore, all along the coastal route, there are numerous creeks and bays. The most daring ones can climb down and enjoy their crystal clear waters!



- The Caves of Dyros


- Gerolimenas


- Vatheia


- Cape Tainaro


- Honey


- Oil and olives (local products)


- Mountain herbs


- Smoked syglino (corned pork, salted to dry and smoked in green sage for hours)


- Loupina


- Pies

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Athens

Travelling by car

To reach the villages of Areopolis, Itilo or Limeni you can drive from Athens via the National Highway from Corinth to Tripoli (3 hours journey). Then you will head for the city of Sparta, then for Gythion and finally for Areopolis, Itilo and Limeni.


Travelling by bus

You can also take the Intercity Bus (KTEL Bus of Lakonia) from the Intercity Bus Station of Kifissos (4 hours journey). For more information on the bus routes of KTEL of Lakonia click here.



From Patra

Travelling by car

To reach Areopolis, Itilo or Limeni you can drive from Patras via the National Highway from Patras to Pyrgos (300 km distance - approximately 4 hours & 30 minutes ride). You will then take the road from Pyrgos to Kyparissia and head for Kalamata. After passing Kalamata, you will follow the signs to Stoupa and Kardamili and finally the signs to Areopolis and Itilo.

Medical Care

During your stay in Areopolis - Itilo or Limeni, you can be served for health issues:


Health Center of Areopolis, Tel: (+30) 27330 51242, 51259


Clinic of Gerolimenas, Tel: (+30) 27330 51201


Clinic of Itilo, Tel: (+30) 27330 59256

Useful phone numbers

Police Station of Areopolis: (+30) 27330 51209, 51355


Fire Department of Areopolis: (+30) 27330 52199


Health Center of Areopolis: (+30) 27330 51242, 51259


Clinic of Gerolimenas: (+30) 27330 51201


Clinic of Itilo: (+30) 27330 59256


Intercity Bus of Areopolis: (+30) 27330 51229


Intercity Bus of Gerolimenas: (+30) 27330 54205


TAXI (Itilo): (+30) 27330 52382, 51442

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