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Holidays in Iraklia island

In the westernmost part of the Small Cyclades cluster, an island, different from all the other ones, dominates; the untouched island of Iraklia. In this quiet, tiny island time seems to have stopped... There, you will not find banks (only ATMs), nor petrol stations. What is certain, however, is that you will leave behind the stress and the hectic pace of everyday life by relaxing in the peacefulness of the place!


Capital of this alternative island is Chora or Panagia, which unfolds in the hinterland, at the foot of Mount Papas. The simple and unpretentious beauty, combined with the charm of the Cycladic architecture, characterize this totally lovable place! Your attention will stimulate the imposing church of Isodia tis Theotokou (church of the Virgin Mary). A visit to the top of the Papas Mountain from where you can enjoy the disarming views of the neighboring islands is highly recommended.


Equally beautiful but more cosmopolitan, is the port of Iraklia, Agios Georgios, located on the northern shores of the island. Major attractions are the ruins of the Venetian castle, as well as the homonymous church of Agios Georgios. In the village will find taverns and café bars. More options for food and drink you can have at the beachfront village of Livadi.


During your stay in Iraklia, you should visit the cave of Agios Ioannis, with its rich decoration. If you are on the island on the 28th of August, it is worth attending the Vespers, held inside the cave. Reference point on the island is the remains of the Hellenistic castle, which stand close to Livadi Beach. In the same region, the ruins of the ancient temples of Zeus and goddess Tyche have been found. One of the nicest parts of Iraklia is undoubtedly the picturesque village of Agios Athanasios. The old stone houses and the magnificent views make up a highly atmospheric setting!


Apart from the absolute relaxation, Iraklia offers the choice of getting adventurous, too. If you love hiking excursions, the old, cobbled paths of Iraklia will fascinate you as they cross over beautiful landscapes with breathtaking views. If you love sea, you can indulge in diving. The rich sea bottom of the island promises a magical journey full of surprises! Indeed, the bay of Alimia has a surprise for you; a German sunken seaplane, which was shot down during the Second World War! If you are a bird watcher, do not forget to visit the bay of Merichas. Finally, if you love fishing, visit Agriomelissa and Kokkinos Molos bays.


Should you are looking for an alternative destination for your holidays, this small lady of the Cyclades promises a stimulating journey of relaxation and contact with nature, and at the same time of adventure, with exciting tours and wonderful sea bottoms...



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Iraklia has beautiful beaches with calm waters, because of its proximity to massive, mountainous islands which act as breakwaters.

On the north coast, specifically at the port of Agios Georgios, you will find the homonymous sandy beach. It is easily accessible and has trees that provide natural shade. Within walking distance from Agios Georgios there is Vorini Spilia; an ideal choice for the isolation lovers. On the northeast side of Iraklia, you will find the sandy beach of Livadi, which offers spectacular views to both the islet of Venetico and Schinoussa island. By following a heavenly path, starting from Panagia, you will be led to the pebbled coast of Tourkopigado. If you love remoteness it is worth visiting Merichas beach, unfolding in the south east part of Iraklia. The high, vertical cliffs which surround the bay create a top majestic scene!

In the southern shores of Iraklia, lies the secluded beach of Karvounolakkos; renowned for its magnificent waters. Perfect for diving lovers is Alimia at the bottom of which a sunken German seaplane from the Second World War is found! During your stay on the island, it is worth visiting by boat the pristine beaches of Iraklia, as well as Venetiko island and the islets of Mikros (Small) and Megalos (Big) Abelas (or else Avelonisia). Do not miss the tour of the island organized during summer months.

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Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by boat

You can reach Irakleia by boat from Piraeus port with the ships of Blue Star Ferries.

For more information on the ferry routes to Irakleia visit the web site of the company:


Connection with other islands

Irakleia is connected by ferry to the port of Naxos with Skopelitis boat. The island is also connected to the islands of Syros, Paros, Santorini, Amorgos, Schinousa, Koufonissia, Donoussa and Astypalea.

Medical Care

During your stay in Iraklia, you can be served for health issues:


Regional Clinic of Iraklia, Tel: (+30) 22850 71388.

Useful phone numbers

Police Station of Iraklia: (+30) 22850 71375


Regional Clinic of Iraklia: (+30) 22850 71388

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