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Holidays in Donousa island

At the most distant point of the small Cyclades cluster, there is the windswept island of Donousa. The white houses, the imposing cliffs, the stone walls, the cedars, the white sandy beaches, the deep blue sea color; and all that, under the light of the Cycladic sun, compose a place which knows how to seduce the visitor...


Both capital and port of Donousa is Stavrós (Cross), or alternatively called “Campos”, which unfolds in the southwestern part of the island. The image of the traditional Cycladic settlement, embracing the gulf, seems to have sprung from a painting! An important attraction of the place is Timios Stavrós church (church of the Holy Cross), from which the settlement is named after. It is also worth visiting the church of Virgin Mary, which stands on a hilltop, offering arresting views, especially during sunset time. In this picturesque village, you will find traditional cafés, bars and taverns.


Equally traditional is Messaria village with its trademarks; the two windmills. In this area, ruins of a geometrical settlement are preserved.


During your stay in Donousa, it is worth visiting the village of Mersini. There, you will find a spring from which crystal clear water pours out, and a majestic, centuries-old plane tree. In Mersini, you will find few, but neat taverns.


Do not forget to visit the old fishing village of Kalotaritissa. The image of the low houses nestling under the "shadow" of the imposing volume of Mount Papas seems to have been trapped in time! In Kalotaritissa, the church of Agios Georgios (St. George) dominates.


Major attractions on the island are Fokospilia Cave (Moschonàs Cape) and Tíhos Cave (Wall Cave) between Ksylompatis and Aspros Kavos villages. The caves are accessible by boat.


If you love exploring, Donousa is an ideal destination, as the entire island is crossed by paths which connect the various settlements. Again, if you love fishing, visit the reefs as well as the islands encircling Donousa, which are excellent fishing spots.


So, if you are looking for a place to feel like a “cast away” during your vacations; Donousa is the destination that suits you best!



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Though tiny, the island of Donousa hosts numerous beaches. If you wish to avoid traveling, you can visit the beautiful sandy beach of Stavros. Within walking distance of Stavros village, you will see the heavenly bay of Kedros, which is free campers’ favorite. The beautiful sandy beach, the crystal waters and the cedars compose a scene reminiscent of an oasis! Apart from natural beauty, this small bay hides a secret at its sea bottom; the shipwreck of a warship, which sank during the Second World War! Equally idyllic, though less popular, is the beach of Livadi, which is highly recommended to those looking for a calm and relaxing retreat. Next to Livadi, a beach for the few, unfurls; the tiny beach of Fíkio.

In the southern part of Donousa island, you will find Vathi Limenari beach which is ideal for those who love solitary dives.

Finally, in northern Donousa, you will meet three quiet beaches of Kalotaritissa region; Sapounohoma, Mesa Ammos and Tripiti.

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Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by boat

You can reach Donousa by boat from the port of Piraeus with the ships of Blue Star Ferries.

For more information on the ferry routes to Donousa visit the web site of the company:


Connection with other islands

Donoussa is linked with other islands of Cyclades such as Syros, Paros, Naxos, Amorgos, Koufonisia and Schinoussa with the ships of NEL Lines.

For more information contact the service company site:

Medical Care

During your stay in Donousa, you can be served for health issues:


Community Clinic of Donousa, Tel: (+30) 22863 60000.

Useful phone numbers

Naxos Port Authority: (+30) 22850 22300


Amorgos Port Authority: (+30) 22850 71259


Police Station of Donousa: (+30) 22850 71375


Community Clinic of Donousa: (+30) 22850 51506

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