Holidays in Thassos island Northeastern Aegean islands Greece


Holidays in Thassos island

Thassos, the green island, the island of the mythical sirens, is lazily perched in the northeast Aegean Sea. The golden beaches, the emerald waters and the forests of pine trees and chestnuts make a place of exquisite natural beauty!


The capital and main port is the city of Thasos or Thassos, unfolding on the northeast side of the island, opposite to the town of Keramoti. Traditional houses coexist with the monuments of the ancient city and the modern buildings, composing a peculiar residential complex. The most charming part of the city is undoubtedly the old port. The colorful fishing boats, the huge trees, the listed buildings and taverns compose a scene which seems to have sprung from bygone eras! It is worth walking along the waterfront and browsing in the neighborhoods, meeting, during your walk, remnants of ancient Thassos. The ruins of the Ancient Agora and the scattered remnants of temples and shrines create a "theatrical" setting, which will take you back in time! Do not forget to visit the Archaeological Museum, where important discoveries are exposed. It is also worth visiting the Ancient Theatre, which offers disarming view from the Port and the Strait of Thassos. During summer months, this beautiful theater hosts interesting cultural events. Continue your walk with a visit to the Acropolis (Vryokastro). From there, you will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views over the vast sea. In Port, you will find numerous café/bars, nightclubs, restaurants and taverns.


In the northern part of the island, the beautiful Panagia; the old capital of Thassos, unfolds. The elegant mansions, the houses with enclosed balconies, the narrow, cobbled alleys, the picturesque square with the large tree, the numerous churches, streams and the breathtaking views make up a place of inexhaustible charm! Within walking distance from Panagia, Drakotrypa Cave, with impressive décor, lies.


Continue your journey to the island with a visit to Potamià; the beautiful little village which stands perched on the slopes of Mount Ypsario. The stone houses springing up among olive trees seem to be a natural continuation of the idyllic natural environment. An important attraction is the museum of the famous sculptor Palygnotou Vagis. The port of Potamia is Skala Potamias. The deep blue color of the sea combined with the dazzling green of the verdant mountains create a riot of colors, which seems to have sprung from an imaginative painter’s canvas!


If you love mountainous landscape, it is worth visiting the villages Mikro (Small) and Megalo (Big) Kazaviti which unfold on the west side of Thassos. The stone houses with wooden balconies, the beautiful square with trees, the quaint cafés and the traditional taverns serving local delicacies create an idyllic setting!


In the southern part of Thassos, there is the beautiful seaside village of Limenaria. There, you will see the famous Palataki; a characteristic architecture building, which once housed the offices of the company that operated the mines. An important attraction there are the old mines.


If you love adventure, Thassos is an ideal destination for you as you can indulge in various activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking and water sports.


The emerald island of Thassos, the mountains, the green land, the wild rocks, the "exotic" beaches, the hidden caves and the monuments which carry up today memories of the distant past compose a place full of surprises, promising unprecedented experiences!



Thassos island Map Northeastern Aegean islands Greece


The island has heavenly beaches, reminiscent of exotic places!

In western Thassos, within walking distance from Skala Mariés, the beautiful and quiet Atspas creek unfolds. The beach has umbrellas and sun loungers.

In northern Thassos, along the coast of Limenas, you will find many beautiful beaches. You can enjoy a dive in the beach of Metallion (Mines). Within walking distance from the capital, you will find the organised Nysteri beach, which unfolds in a lush area. The exotic beach of Saliara (Marble beach) is only 5 Km far away from Limenas. On the northwest side of Thassos, in a green environment, there is the Rahoni beach. A little further at the north there is Pachis cosmopolitan beach.

On the eastern coast of the island, you will find the beautiful Chrysi Akti, surrounded by wooded mountains. On the same side of Thassos, the extensive beach of Kinira as well as the popular and organized Chrysi Ammoudia unfold.

In southeast Thassos, the 'exotic' Paradeisos as well as two small coasts in Aliki unfold. In Limenaria and Potós, you will find extensive and organized coasts. Within walking distance from Potós, there is the organized and cosmopolitan beach Psyli Ammos which is popular amongst the youngers. A unique experience is swimming in Gkiola, as it is a stunning natural pool with crystal clear water, which is formed within rocks! The access is relatively difficult, but the landscape at the end of the journey will certainly reward you! If you love touring, it is worth making the round of Thassos and discovering beautiful coves, ideal for solitary dives!



- The local Folklore Museums


- The Museum of Olive and Olive Oil


- The archaeological site of Aliki


- Thymonia’s Ancient Tower


- The Monastery of the Archangel Michael


-The Monastery of Koimisi tis Theotokou (of the Dormition)


- The Castle


- Skala in Rachoni


- Prinos


- Sotiras


- Skala Sotiros


- Mariés


- Lake in Mariés


- Potos


- Theologos


- Honey


- Olive Oil


- Olives


- Sweet Walnut


- Dried Octopus


- Sunburn Fish


- Paterika


- Wine

Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by plane

The fastest way to reach Thasos island is to fly to Kavala city first. The city airport is just 12 km away from the port of Keramoti, where you will board on the Ferry Boat to get across to Thasos .



Travelling by boat and by car

You can reach Thassos island by boat from the port of Kavala heading to the port of Prinos and from the port of Keramoti to the port of Limenas, on the Ferry Boat of Thasos Ferries or ANETH Ferries. The ride on the Ferry Boat from Kavala is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, and from Keramoti is only 40 minutes.


For more information on the ferry routes to Thasos island visit the web site of the companies:



Travelling by bus

You can also take the Intercity Bus (KTEL Bus of Kavala) to Kavala, either from Athens or Thessaloniki, and from there you can get to Thasos by Ferry Boat.

For more information on the bus routes of KTEL of Kavala click here.



Transfer within Thasos Island

For your transportation on the island you can use the Intercity Buses (KTEL buses of Thasos) or taxies.

Medical Care

During your stay in Thasos, you can be served for health issues:


Health Center of Prinos, Tel: (+30) 25930 71100


Clinic of Limenas, Tel: (+30) 25930 22222


Clinic of Limenaria, Tel: (+30) 25930 51235


Clinic of Theologos, Tel: (+30) 25930 31211


Clinic of Panagia, Tel: (+30) 25930 61203


Clinic of Potos, Tel: (+30) 25930 53194


Clinic of Kallirachi, Tel: (+30) 25930 91211


Clinic of Skala Sotiros, Tel: (+30) 25930 71332

Useful phone numbers

Thasos Port Authority: (+30) 25930 22106


Kavalas Port Authority: (+30) 2513 505430-5, 2510 223716


Keramoti Port Authority: (+30) 25910 51204


Port Station of Limenas: (+30) 25930 22355


Port Station of Prinos: (+30) 25930 71390


Kavalas Airport: (+30) 25910 53400


Police Station of Thasos: (+30) 25930 22500


Police Station of Kallirachi: (+30)  25930 91221


Police Station of Limenaria: (+30)  25930 51111


Police Station of Prinos: (+30)  25930 71230


Fire Department of Thasos: (+30) 25930 23199


Health Center of Prinos: (+30) 25930 71100


Clinic of Limenas: (+30) 25930 22222


Clinic of Limenaria: (+30) 25930 51235


Clinic of Theologos: (+30) 25930 31211


Clinic of Panagia: (+30) 25930 61203


Clinic of Potos: (+30) 25930 53194


Clinic of Kallirachi: (+30) 25930 91211


Clinic of Skala Sotiros: (+30) 25930 71332


Intercity Bus of Thasos: (+30) 25930 22162

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Archaeological Museum of Thassos Greece. Holidays in Thassos island.
Archaeological Museum of Thassos

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