Holidays in Samothrace island Northeastern Aegean Islands Greece


Holidays in Samothrace island

The alternative Samothrace, the island of the Great Gods and the winged Nike, is lazily perched in the arms of the Thracian Sea. The majestic mountains, the dense forests, the impetuous waterfalls, the beautiful gorges, the hot springs, the heavenly lakes (vathres) and the sea caves compose the ultimate paradise for the nature lovers!


The unpretentious beautiful Samothrace is an island characterized by strong contrasts and surprising icons’ changes. In the northern and southern part of it you will find two completely different landscapes. On the one hand, the northern part is dipped into the green; olive trees, oaks, chestnuts and maples create a scene which seems to have sprung from a fairy tale! On the other hand, in the southern part of the island, the scene changes; the landscape has a more wild and otherworldly beauty, with a dominant element the bare hillsides, the olive groves and the small, inaccessible beaches.


Your acquaintance with Samothrace starts with bustling Kamariotissa, both the port, and the largest settlement on the island. An important attraction is the church of Panagia Kamariotissa as well as the Wind Park with its air turbines. West of Kamariotissa, you will find Agios Andreas (St. Andrew) small lagoon-wetland.


Within walking distance from Kamariotissa, Paleopolis, a place of great archaeological interest unfolds. There, you will see the famous Sanctuary of the Great Gods, which used to be the place where the famous Cavirion Mysteries were held. In Paleopolis archaeological site you will also find the Archaeological Museum of Samothrace, where, among other things, a replica of the statue of Nike of Samothrace or else the Winged Victory of Samothrace is exposed.


In Samothrace’s hinterland, hooked at the foot of Mount Saos, there is the capital of the island, the well preserved Chora. The cobbled streets, the stone houses with the tiled roofs, the aitsenia (houses with flat clay roofs) and the ruins of Gkatelouzi medieval castle compose a unique residential complex. Chora’s major attractions are the church of Kimissis tis Theotokou (of the Assumption), Sotiros (Savior’s) church and the small Folklore Museum.


Continue your journey with a visit to the famous Therma or Loutra. In Therma, apart from the hot springs, you will also find the famous vathres; lakes formed by Fonias River which are like natural pools! The image of these serene lakes, which are perched beneath sycamores and beeches, will leave you speechless! The most popular vathres are Gria (Old) Vathra and Fonias Vathra.


During your stay in Samothrace, do not miss a tour by boat around the island. This sea ride will give you the opportunity to see Vatos; a place with trees, streams and a beautiful beach, the spectacular Kremasto waterfall, and the strange geological formations, known as “Tis Grias ta Pania” (“Old Lady’s Sails”).


If you love adventure, in Samothrace you can indulge in various activities such as hiking, canyoning, climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, diving, rafting and canoeing kayaking. A unique experience is getting up to the summit of Mount Saos which is organized by Samothrace’s mountaineering club and includes a stay at August’s full moon night.


In “tall Thrace” as Samothrace is also called, the untouched beauty, the long history as well as the priceless archaeological treasures make up a unique place, with eerie charm and mystic aura. This island has such special character which only strong emotions can produce...



Samothrace island Map Northeastern Aegean Islands Greece


In Samothrace, you will find mainly pebbly beaches with transparent, crystal clear waters.

On the south side of the island there is the beautiful and popular beach of Pachia Ammos. This is the only sandy beach. Pachia Ammos has organized departments, but a very large part of it remains free. From there, you can visit by boat some rugged and pristine coasts. Over Pachia Ammos, the church of Panagia Krimniotissa offering disarming view stands out!

On the southwestern part of the island, you will find pebble and quiet beaches of Makrylies and Lakkoma. At the easternmost point of Samothrace, under the "shadows" of the imposing mountains Kipi beach, with dark gray pebbles and Imvros island on the background, unfolds.

In southeast Samothrace, you will find wonderful bays with wonderful sea bottom, surrounded by rocks and caves. Access is only made by boat. Do not hesitate to dive in the turquoise waters of the beautiful beach of Vatos, unfolding at the mouth of the homonymous gorge. A unique experience is swimming in the famous Vathres’ cold waters.



- Arsinoeion


- Prophet Elias’ Chapel


- Ano (Upper) and Kato (Lower) Karyotes


- Alonia


- Graviera (Gruyere) Cheese


- Honey


- Olive Oil


- Praousti


- Kaisi


- Chaslama


- Goat Meat


- Manti


- Lioto


- Gorgovrasto with Rice


- Fried Bean Soup


- Wine


- Tsipouro

Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by car and boat

To reach the island of Samothrace, you will drive to Alexandroupolis, which is just 800 km away from Athens, 300 km away from Thessaloniki or 150 km away from Kavala. Then, at the port of Alexandroupolis, you will board on the ferry of Saos Ferries to get across to Samothrace.

For more information on the ferry routes to Samothrace visit the web site of the company:



Transfer within Samothrace Island

For your transportation on the island you can use the municipal buses of Samothrace, as well as taxies.

Medical Care

During your stay in Samothraki, you can be served for health issues:


Health Center of Samothraki which is located in chora, Tel: (+30) 25513 50700


Community Clinic of Samothraki, Tel: (+30) 25510 41376

Useful phone numbers

Samothrakis Port Authority: (+30) 25510 41305


Alexandroupolis Port Authority: (+30) 25510 26468, 25513 56200, 56216


Police Station of Samothraki: (+30) 25510 41203, 41303


Fire Department of Samothraki: (+30) 25510 41129


Health Center of Samothraki: (+30) 25513 50700


Community Clinic of Samothraki: (+30) 25510 41376


Information Kiosk of Samothraki (+30) 25510 89272


TAXI: 6972883501, 6976991270, 6972381762

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Sanctum of The Great Gods Samothrace
Sanctum of The Great Gods

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