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Holidays in Lesvos island

In the northeastern Aegean Sea, very close to the Turkish coast, the beautiful island of Lesvos dominates. The picturesque villages, the preserved mansions, the castles, the pine forests, the endless olive groves, the ancient Petrified Forest and the beautiful beaches make up the main features of this charming place.


The capital and port of the island is the town of Mytilene, which lies on seven hills, on the southeastern coast. Stroll in the streets and wander around the central market, where you will find traditional cafés and taverns, antique stores and shops. Near the port, on top of a pine tree hill, the Castle of Mytilene, which is among the largest forts in the Mediterranean, stands proudly. Within the castle, the Gatelouzos Palace, the underground Tunnels, which used to be shelters for women and children, the Cistern and the Turkish Seminary are preserved. Today, during the summer months, the Castle is transformed into a venue for cultural events. Within walking distance from the Castle, there is the former aristocratic district of Mytilene, Kioski, where you can admire splendid mansions built with the authentic traditional architecture of the island. At the waterfront of Mytilene, with its cosmopolitan aura, several preserved mansions, including the Old Port of Mytilene and the Old Town Hall dominate. Among the major sights of the city are included the Municipal Garden, the Ancient Theatre of Mytilene, the Municipal Gallery, the Yeni Mosque, the Turkish baths and the Statue of Liberty.


During your stay on the island, do not miss the island’s landmark, the traditional village of Molyvos, with its magnificent stone mansions’ architecture. Atmospheric Molyvos is perched lazily on a rock, on the top of which the impressive and well preserved castle stands out. The stone houses, the winding, cobbled streets, the old neighborhoods, the picturesque churches and the fountains with the embossed inscriptions compose an image which seems to have sprung from a painting! Walk through the cobbled streets, spend some time at the picturesque square and enjoy fresh seafood and fish in the harbor which unfolds on the edge of the settlement.


It is also worth visiting the fishing village of Skala Sykamnias, one of the most picturesque "corners" of the island, famous for its delicious lobster. Near the charming harbor, you will see the famous church that seems to be hooked on the rock, from which Stratis Myrivilis; a famous Greek writer; inspired his widely read book "Madonna Mermaid".


On the south side of Mytilene, there is Plomari; the home of ouzo. Walk through the cobbled streets and enjoy a glass of ouzo with traditional food. A beautiful experience would be a visit to the Museum of Barbayiannis Ouzo, which will introduce you to the world of ouzo production.


On the slopes of Olympus, the traditional village of Agiasos lies. Old houses with tiled roofs, cobblestone streets, wood sculptures workshops, pottery shops with handmade objects and traditional cafés outside the church of Panagia, create a picturesque scene of untold beauty! There, you will hear the locals speak a particular dialect. Try delicious appetizers and Greek coffee on the coals. It is worth visiting the village in mid-August and attending the feast of Panagia of Agiasos.


In the western part of the island the Petrified Forest, a magnificent monument of geological heritage of Greece, lies. There, you will have the opportunity to admire fossilized parts of trees, some standing and some lying on the ground, which lived in the distant past! It is a wonderful work of nature; numerous colors and various shapes blend harmoniously with the gray of the volcanic rocks of the region, creating an image that resembles a stone desert!


Mytilene hosts several interesting museums, such as the New and the Old Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Folk Art Museum, the Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest, Theofilos Museum, the Museum-Library-Stratis Eleftheriadis-Teriade, Vranas Mill-Museum, the Folklore Museum of Plomari and the Digital Museum of Georgios Iakobides.


Finally, it is worth visiting by boat Ayvalik, walk in the narrow streets and shop from the bazaar, where you can find all sorts of products, from clothes to electrical items! You will also have the opportunity to learn the secrets of the oriental cuisine. This is an experience you will never forget!


If you love exploring; if you love nature, good food and you are easy going, then charming Lesvos, with the pervasive aura of romance and nostalgia, is the destination you are looking for!



Lesvos Island Map Northeastern Aegean Islands Greece


Mytilene has numerous beaches, some with sand and some with pebbles; some organized and some deserted, covering all tastes!

Those wishing to avoid moving around can choose the beach of Tsamakia which lies below the Castle. A little further south, the beautiful bay of Agios Hermogenes, with lush greenery and a picturesque chapel, unfolds. Nearby, there is the sandy Haramida beach.

In the north side of Mytilene, there is the pebble beach Kaya. On the same side of the island, Molyvos beach unfolds. After Molyvos, near the hot springs, you will find the beaches of Eftalou. Within walking distance from Molyvos, you will find the beautiful beach of Petra and from there, the sandy beach of Skala Eressos. On Kalloni Gulf, you will find the sandy beach of Skala Kalloni.

On the southern coast of the island, there are the huge beach of Vatera, the pebbled beach of Agios Isidoros and the beautiful Tarti beach, unfolding in front of a wooded hill. In the Gulf of Geras, you will find several beautiful beaches, including the beach of Geras, with pines on the coast.



- The Church of Agios Therapon


- The Cathedral of Agios Athanasios


- Agia Paraskevi Village


- Argenos Village


- Kalloni Wetland


- The spas at the Gulf of Geras


- The Roman Aqueduct of Moria


- Theotokos Cathedral (Cathedral of the Assumption) in Agiasos


- Panagia Church in Sykamnia


- Panagia Church in Petra


- The Archaeological Site of Mesa


- Sirgiou Castle


- Ouzo


- Olives


 - Olive Oil


- Gkiouzlemedes


- Fried Pumpkin Flowers


- Fava from green peas


- Ladotyri Cheese


- Touloumotyri Cheese


- Feta Cheese


- Myzithra Cheese


- Pie with Rice


- Chestnuts

Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by plane

The fastest way to travel to Mytilene is to fly there. The island is connected with the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki all year round, whereas during the summer months, charter flights are operated from Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Munich, Dusseldorf and Oslo.

For more information visit the web site of the company:


Travelling by boat

If you wish to travel by boat to Mytilene, you can board on a ferry of the following companies:


Hellenic Seaways from:

 - The port of Piraeus, with ferry service to Chios - Mytilene, (11 hours and 30 minutes trip to Mytilini)

 - The port of Kavala, with ferry service to Lemnos -Mytilene - Chios - Samos (Karlovasi - Vathi) - Ikaria (Evdilos) - Mykonos - Syros - Piraeus, (8 hours and 30 minutes for Mytilini).


NEL Lines from:

 - The port of Thessaloniki,with ferry service to Lemnos - Mytilene Chios - Samos (Vathi)

 - The port of Kavala, with ferry service to Lemnos - Mytilene - Chios - Samos – (Ikaria)

For more information on the ferry routes to Mytilene visit the web site of the companies:


Transfer within Mytilene Island

For your transportation on the island you can use the municipal buses, the Intercity Buses (KTEL Bus of Mytilene), as well as taxies.

For more information on the bus routes of KTEL Bus of Mytilene click here.

Medical Care

During your stay in Mytilene, you can be served for health issues:


General Hospital of Mytilene “Bostaneio”, which is located at the coastal road of Myilene, Tel: (+30) 22510 57700


Health Center of Antissas, Tel: (+30) 22530 56440


Health Center of Kalloni, Tel: (+30) 22530 22222


Health Center of Plomari, Tel: (+30) 22523 50019


Health Center of Polychnitos, Tel: (+30) 22520 41111

Useful phone numbers

Mytilenes Port Authority: (+30) 22510 24115


Plomari Port Authority: (+30) 22520 32296


Port Station of Polychnitos: (+30) 22520 41059


Mytilenes Airport: (+30) 22510 38700, 61590


Police Station of Mytilene: (+30) 22510 22012


Police Station of Antissas: (+30) 22530 56222


Police Station of Agiasos: (+30) 22520 22777


Police Station of Agia Paraskevi: (+30) 22530 31222


Police Station of Kalloni: (+30) 22530 22100


Police Station of Mithimna: (+30) 22530 71222


Police Station of Mantamados: (+30) 22530 61222


Police Station of Plomari: (+30) 22520 32333


Police Station of Polychnitos: (+30) 22520 41222


Tourism Information: (+30) 22510 44165


General Hospital of Mytilene “Bostaneio”: (+30) 22510 57700


Health Center of Antissas: (+30) 22530 56440


Health Center of Kalloni: (+30) 22530 22222


Health Center of Plomari: (+30) 22523 50019


Health Center of Polychnitos: (+30) 22520 41111


Intercity Bus: (+30) 22510 46630, 28873


City Bus: (+30) 22510 46436


TAXI (Mytilene): 22510 23500, 25900

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Archaeological Museum of Lesvos Greece
Archaeological Museum of Lesvos
Natural History Museum of Lesvos Greece
Natural History Museum of Lesvos

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