Holidays in Lemnos island Northeastern Aegean Islands Greece


Holidays in Lemnos island

Embracing the northeastern Aegean, there is a low-key island, which, however, conceals fabulous secrets: the multifaceted island of Lemnos! Tropical dunes, volcanic landscapes, a petrified forest, hot springs, vast beaches, castles, towers, great archaeological sites, as well as great culinary history compose a unique place with a unique charm!


Both capital and main port of Lemnos is the captivating Myrina, which includes the neighborhoods of the Turkish and Romeikos Yialos. At the Turkish Yialos, the old houses and the small coffee shops seem to have been trapped in time! In Romeikos Yialos, the famous mansions maintain intact the glamor of past times! An important attraction is the Archaeological Museum, which recounts the long history of the place. You can climb to Myrina castle, which stands proudly, carrying memories which are lost in the mists of time! Inside the castle, you can find free cute fawns wandering around!


Continue your acquaintance with Lemnos, with a tour of its traditional villages. Among them, Kontias, with its stone houses, old windmills and ouzo distillery, stands out. Equally beautiful is Kaspakas village, with its stone houses which seem to be clinging to the hill of Agios Athanasios. It is also worth visiting the village of Thanos, which is perched on Kakkavos hillside. If you love hiking, you can visit the beautiful church of Panagia Kakkaviotissa, which is carved into a cliff!


The island of Hephaestus is ideal for an archaeological safari! It is worth visiting the ancient Poliochni as well as the ancient Ifaisteia. Of special archaeological interest is the Sanctuary of Kaviria. On the rocky shores, under the Sanctuary, there is a cave where, according to legend, Philoctetes lived for 12 years.


Apart from the great archaeological monuments, Lemnos is famous for its natural wealth! In the northwestern part of the island in walking distance from Katalakko village an unexpected surprise awaits: a small desert or Pachies Ammoudies (Fat Sands) as characteristically the locals call it! The endless golden color of the sand dunes which constantly change formations, depending on the wind direction, creates a scene reminiscent of the Sahara desert! Apart from the dunes, the island has important wetlands, including the lakes of Alyki, Chortarolimni and Asprolimni. In the largest of these lakes; Alyki lake, gorgeous flamingos and other rare bird species find refuge. Equally fascinating are the waterfalls of Kaspakas, with its small ponds. Great natural attraction is the petrified forest of Moudros. The tropical trees, the huge sequoias and the ferns seem to have sprung from a painting! Lemnos can also offer you spas! Do not forget to visit the organized complex of baths at Therma.


A unique experience is the sea trip to the idyllic island of Agios Efstratios. The young oak forest, the sandy beaches and the blue waters compose an earthly paradise!


The Homeric island of Lemnos is an unexpectedly charming place, which seduces the senses and brings up memories of past times!



Lemnos island Map Northeastern Aegean Islands Greece


Lemnos has numerous beaches with golden sands and crystal clear waters! Within walking distance from Myrina the popular Plati beach unfolds.

In western Lemnos, the sandy beach of Agios Ioannis lies. The impressive cliffs, the crystal clear waters and the fine sandy beach form a heavenly setting!

In the eastern part of the island, you will find the picturesque beach of Neftina. If you are windsurfing or kite surfing lovers, you must visit the beach at Keros.

On the north coast of the island, you will find the magnificent beach of Gomati; a natural continuation of the “African” landscape with the sand dunes. Equally beautiful is Zemata beach. Ideal for families is the beach of Kotsinas. Alternatively, you can visit by boat the small island of Agios Efstratios and swim on its deserted beaches.



- The Allied Cemetery at Moudros


- Portianou Folklore Museum


- Kontias Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art


- The Sanctuary of Tauropolos Artemis


- Kaminia Column


- Kondopouli Village


- Romanou Village


- Maroulas’ statue in Kotsinas


- Zoodochos Pigi church in Kotsinas


- Kalathaki Cheese


- Salamoura


- Melichloro or Melipasto


- Kashkaval


- Lemnian Pie


- Local Nuts


- Wild rabbit in Wine Sauce


- Squid stuffed with Rice


- Lobster with Kritharaki


- Flomaria


- Figs


- Raisins


- Almonds


- Thyme Honey


- Venizelikà Sweet


- Halva


- Raki


- Ouzo


- Wines

Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by plane

The fastest way to reach Lemnos is to fly there. During the summer months frequent flights are operated from the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki, by Aegean Airlines.

For more information visit the web site of the company:



Travelling by boat

If you wish to travel by boat to Lemnos, you can board on one a ferry of the following companies:


Hellenic Seaways from:

- The port of Kavala, with ferry service to Lemnos - Mytilene- Chios - Samos (Karlovasi - Vathi) - Ikaria (Evdilos) – Mykonos - Syros - Piraeus (3 hours and 30 minutes trip to Limnos)

- The port of Piraeus, with ferry service to Syros - Mykonos - Ikaria (Evdilos) - Samos (Karlovasi - Vathi) - Chios - Mytilene - Lemnos – Kavala.


- NEL Lines from:

- The port of Lavrio, if you are travelling from Athens, with ferry service to Agios Efstratios - Lemnos - Kavala (10 hours & 30 minutes to Lemnos)

- The port of Thessaloniki, with ferry service to Lemnos - Mytilene - Chios - Samos (Vathi)

- The port of Kavala, with ferry service to Lemnos - Mytilene- Chios - Samos – (Ikaria)


For more information on the ferry routes to Lemnos visit the web sites of the companies:



Transfer within Lemnos Island

For your transportation on the island you can use the municipal buses of Lemnos as well as taxies.

Medical Care

During your stay in Lemnos, you can be served for health issues:


Hospital of Lemnos, which is located in Myrina, Tel: (+30) 22543 50400


Clinic of Moudros, Tel: (+30) 25540 71257

Useful phone numbers


Myrinas Port Authority: (+30) 25540 22225


Moudros Port Authority: (+30) 25540 71240


Lemnos Airport: (+30) 25540 92700-1


Police Station of Myrinas: (+30) 25540 22200


Police Station of Moudros: (+30) 25540 71200


Fire Department of Lemnos: (+30) 25540 22199


Hospital of Lemnos: (+30) 22543 50400


Clinic of Moudros: (+30) 25540 71257


Intercity Bus: (+30) 25540 22464


TAXI (Myrinas): 22540 23820


TAXI (Moudros): 22540 22540

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Archaeological Museum of Lemnos Greece
Archaeological Museum of Lemnos

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