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Holidays in Santorini island

The atmospheric island of Thera or Santorini, lovers' most favorite destination, is one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the Cyclades, as well as one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the Mediterranean. The volcanic landscape of caldera, the little white houses that seem to hover over the brink and the peculiar beaches, with the black sand and the sculptured rocks, compose a scenery of magnificent beauty, alike of which does not exist!


Santorini's capital is the cosmopolitan town of Fira. On the caldera’s side, the houses are built undercut one to another, on different levels, so that one's yard consists the other one's roof. The image of the houses, which seem to have clung to the walls of caldera, the breathtaking view of the volcano and the deep blue sea, are the answer to the question, why the capital of Santorini is included among the most beautiful parts of Greece. In the town of Fira there are some significant museums, including the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum. Apart from the sights, Fira offers an excellent tourist infrastructure, busy café/bars, taverns and restaurants, as well as numerous galleries and shops, among of which jewelry shops stand out. Those who like walking, worth following the central path of the northern Fira, unfolding along the ''brow'' of caldera and passing through the villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli, which are almost joined to Fira, to end up at the northern tip of the island, at Oia village. The route is wonderful!


One of the most picturesque villages on the island is Oia, situated opposite to the small island of Thirassia. Houses built on top of one another, two-storeyed captains' mansions, picturesque churches with blue domes and streets paved with marble stone compose an idyllic setting! And when the sun dips into the waters of the Aegean Sea painting them purple, one realizes why the sunset in Oia, is considered one of the greatest in the world! Just as beautiful, Imerovigli village, which, due to its privileged position in the caldera, is known as "Santorini’s balcony'', offers a sunset, competing worthily against the one of Oia! From Imerovigli starts a path that leads to the ruins of Skaros’ Venetian castle.


Below the village of Oia, lies Amoudi, a picturesque harbor, where you will find beautiful fish taverns by the sea.


Santorini keeps beautiful hidden "secrets" in the inner land as well, such as the village of Pyrgos that constitutes a model of a fortified settlement, with strong medieval features. In the center of the village stands a small medieval castle.


Hallmark of Santorini is the volcano, the crater of which lies in the islet of Nea Kameni. It is accessible by small boats which anchor on the beach of the small island, where the waters are lukewarm, opaque and greenish due to the presence of sulphur.


During your stay in Santorini, it is worth attending the festivity of "Ifestia" (Volcanoes), the representation of volcanic eruptions, which takes place every year in August. Fireworks lighting up the sky, boats standing still at the caldera whistling all together and the fires inside the volcano, representing the lava, create a fascinating spectacle!


Besides the volcano, it is worth visiting by boat the "miniature of Santorini", the island of Thirassia. Tour around in its traditional settlements, swim by its beautiful beaches and eat fresh fish.


Of great interest, Cape’s Archaeological Site, a prehistoric settlement, is rightly considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Apart from the Cape, really interesting is the settlement of Ancient Thira, which lies on top of a hill, between Kamari and Perissa villages, offering beautiful view of the Aegean.


During your stay in Santorini, do not miss out on the famous donkey ride! It is an experience you will never forget! And when the time comes to part from this island with the mysterious aura, the only certainty is, that you will take a tacit pledge: to come back soon …



Santorini island Map Greece


The volcanic nature of the island has gifted it with a unique natural environment. This particularity lies also evident on the beaches, which are completely different from those normally encountered across the Aegean.

The most popular beach is Perivolos. It has crystal clear waters of dark blue color and coal-black, thick sand. A large part of the beach is organized, offering umbrellas, sun-beds and bustling beach bars, while along the shore there are numerous cafés/bars, taverns and restaurants. Just as popular and fully organized is Kamari beach, which also has the typical thin, black pebble of the island and deep, crystal waters. The black sand and the deep, crystal waters are also typically encountered at the beach of Perissa, which also has organized sections and beach bars. One of the most beautiful beaches of the island is Vlihada. Where the lunar landscape and the volcanic rocks make up an exotic backdrop! A part of this heavenly beach is organized and has an exotically decorated canteen.

Just a breath away from the Archaeological Site of the Cape, the famous Red Beach unfolds. Red Beach got its name from the red color of the impressive rocks surrounding it. A part of the beach is organized and at the entrance you will find several canteens. Just as beautiful is the nearby White Beach, which is surrounded by white rocks. It offers few umbrellas, sun loungers, and a canteen, that is built into the rock. Ideal for families is the organized beach of Monolithos due to its shallow waters. For those staying in Oia and wishing to avoid extensive transfers the non-organized beach of Katharos is the best option.

Those who love isolation and tranquility will love the beaches of Kolumbos, Baxedes, Vourvoulos and Pori, which are among the most secluded beaches on the island. Although it doesn't offer a classic beach, the picturesque bay of Ammoudi is ideal for diving in a dreamy environment.

Red beach Santorini Beaches Greece. Holidays Greek islands.

Perissa beach Santorini Beaches Greece. Vacations Greek islands.

Kamari beach Santorini Beaches Greece. Holidays Greek islands.

Perivolos beach Santorini Beaches Greece. Vacations Greek islands.

Vlychada beach Santorini Beaches Greece. Holidays Greek islands.



- The islet of Nea Kammeni, where the volcano of Santorini lies


- Gkyzi Mansion in the catholic district of Fira


- The lift, that connects the northern Fira with the old harbor


- Agios Minas Church in Fira, with its characteristic dome


- The ruins of Oia’s castle


- The Marine Museum in Oia


- The theme–exhibition: ''Traditional Village –  gone Santorini'' in Pyrgos


- Prophet Elias’ Monastery in Pyrgos


- ''Santo Wines'' winery in Pyrgos


- The artistic centre–museum–winery ''Art Space Santorini'' in Exo Gonia


- The Fossils and Mineral’s Museum in Perissa


- The small island of Thirasia, that lies across Oia


- Vlihada beach


- Perivollos beach


- Perissa beach


- Kamari beach


- Local products of Santorini, such as Anhydrous Cherry Tomatoes, Round Zucchinis, White Eggplants, Katsouni (anhydrous cucumber of Santorini), Prickly Pears, Barley, Santorini Split Peas, Capers and Caper Leaves


- Hloro (traditional white fresh–cheese)


- Local wines, some of which have been awarded for exceptional quality and unique taste.


Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by plane

Santorini can be reached by air from Athens International Airport - Eleftherios Venizelos with a direct flight and from the International Airport Macedonia in Thessaloniki.

For more information on flight schedules from Athens click here.


Travelling by boat

You can reach Santorini by boat from the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Heraklion with the ships of Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways and SeaJet.

For more information on the ferry routes to Santorini visit the web sites of the companies:



Connection with other islands

The island is connected by boat with: Syros, Tinos, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Ios, Amorgos, Folegandros, Schinousa, Koufonisia, Donousa, Astypalaia, Kos, Rhodes, Sifnos, Folegandros, Milos and Heraklion Crete.


Transfer within the Island

For your transportation on the island you can use the Intercity Buses (KTEL Bus of Santorini) as well as taxies.

For more information on the bus schedule click here.

Medical Care

During your stay in Santorini, you can be served for health issues:


Health Center of Santorini which is located in Fira, Tel: (+30) 22860 23123, 23124, 23333


Community Clinic of Emporio, Tel: (+30) 22860 81222


Community Clinic of Pyrgos, Tel: (+30) 22860 31207


Community Clinic of Kamari, Tel: (+30) 22860 31175


Community Clinic of Mesaria, Tel: (+30) 22860 33401


Community Clinic of Oia, Tel: (+30) 22860 71271


Community Clinic of Thirasia, Tel: (+30) 22860 29144

Useful phone numbers

Coast Guard: (+30) 22860 22239


Santorini Airport: (+30) 22860 31525, 31666, 33349


Police Station of Fira: (+30) 22860 22649


Police Station of Oia: (+30) 22860 71954


Fire Department of Santorini: (+30) 22860 33199


Health Center of Santorini: (+30) 22860 23123, 23124, 23333


Community Clinic of Emporio: (+30) 22860 81222


Community Clinic of Pyrgos: (+30) 22860 31207


Community Clinic of Kamari: (+30) 22860 31175


Community Clinic of Mesaria: (+30) 22860 33401


Community Clinic of Oia: (+30) 22860 71271


Community Clinic of Thirasia: (+30) 22860 29144


Intercity Bus of Santorini: (+30) 22860 25404, 23812


TAXI: (+30) 22860 22555, 23951


Cable Car: (+30) 22860 22977, 22978


Luggage Storage in Fira: (+30) 22860 22220

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