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Holidays in Milos island

This romantic island, Milos, is one of the most enchanting islands of the Cyclades and also lovers’ favorite destination! Traditional villages, heavenly beaches, volcanic rocks and small coves, dug into the rocks, constitute a peculiar charming setting, which compensates even the most-traveled visitor!


The first picture you will see as the ship approaches the island is that of Adamas; the main port of Milos. Adamas has the traditional Cycladic style with whitewashed houses and narrow, quiet streets. It also has excellent tourist infrastructures: restaurants, taverns, ouzo bars, shops, café/bars and night clubs, which spring from every corner of this coastal village, suit all tastes. Major attractions in Adamas are the catholic church of St. Nicholas, the Ecclesiastical Museum and the Mining Museum. From the port of Adamas, tours to the southern beaches which are inaccessible by car or on foot and also to Milos and Kimolos islands start.


The capital of Milos is the captivating Plaka; one of the most charming and original capitals of the Cyclades. Whitewashed houses with colorful doors and shutters, cobblestone streets, small traditional shops, restaurants and café/bars with breathtaking views, make a scene that seems to have sprung from a painting! At the top of the hill stands the Venetian Castle of the 13th century. The Castle has the particularity that instead of walls is surrounded and protected by the local houses. Have a closer look to the church of Panagia Thalassitra and also the Koimisi tis Theotokou (Assumption) church, from which you can enjoy one of the most idyllic sunsets of the Cyclades! Major attractions in the capital of Milos are the Archaeological Museum and the Folk Museum of Plaka.


Only a few kilometers south of Plaka is Klima; a stunning fishing village, famous for its residences which once were areas for the fishermen to park their boats. The image of the white houses with their colorful doors that perch lazily into the rocks seems to have sprung from a children's fairy tale! Undoubtedly, watching the sunset from Klima village is an experience you will never forget!


On the northeast coast of the island, around a beautiful bay, the quiet and picturesque fishing village of Apollonia or Pollonia unfolds. In this small port, you will find traditional cafés and taverns, which are famous for their fresh fish! Major attractions are the church of Agios Nikolaos and the picturesque peninsula of Pelekoudas.


During your stay in Milos, you can visit the Catacombs; the early Christian cemetery of Milos, located on a steep slope near Tripiti village. Within walking distance from the Catacombs, the ancient theater as well as the ancient city, where once the statue of Venus of Milos stood - before reaching the Museum of Louvre- lie.


On the island of Venus with the mysterious aura, nature’s generosity is combined with the picturesque villages and the great attractions, creating an idyllic "corner" for every romantic soul!



Milos island Map Greece


Due to its volcanic nature, Milos has beaches of extraordinary beauty and unique morphology, each of which is completely different from the rest! Inside a bay, Ahivadolimni beach, with white sand and beautiful waters unfolds.

On the southwest side of the island, there is Sykia beach which stretches into a cave and is only accessible by boat. The roof of the cave has collapsed, allowing sunlight to penetrate, creating a magnificent scenery!

On the southern coast of Milos, you'll find dozens of beautiful beaches. A unique experience for swimming is Kleftiko, the “Meteora of the Sea", as it is called; a cluster of gray-white rocks that springs up through the turquoise waters, creating an image that is breathtaking! You can access Kleftiko by boat. At Gerontas, visitors’ gaze is fascinated by the rocky land in the form of a bridge, joining the sea to the mainland. Equally beautiful are the beaches of Provatas and Fyriplaka. In the magnificent Tsigrado, the descent may be a bit difficult, but swimming in the clear blue waters will compensate your effort!

Idyllic beaches unfold at the northern coast of the island as well; Papafragas, where you can enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters, being surrounded by cliffs. The exotic beaches of Fyropotamos and Plathiena are correctly characterized by many people as "giant pools" due to the water color. Finally, at the "lunar" Sarakiniko beach, the white rocks carved by the wind and the sea salt, make a scene, you will never forget!

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- Phylakopi archaeological site


- The Archaeological Museum and the Folk Museum of Plaka


- The Venetian Castle of the 13th century, in Plaka


- Klima, a stunning fishing village


- Pollonia or Apollonia


- Sulfur Mines


- Fourkovouni


- Kimolos Island


- Plathiena beach


- Papikinou beach


- Provatas beach


- Tsigrado beach


- Fyropotamos beach


- Fyriplaka beach


- Sweet sugarplum


- Karpouzopita (Watermelon pie


- Pies


- Local cheeses


- Honey


- Tomato paste


- Tomatoes


- Capers


- Wheat and barley loaves

Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by plane

Milos can be reached by air from Athens International Airport - Eleftherios Venizelos with direct flights or from Thessaloniki via Athens. For more information click here.


Travelling by boat

You can reach Milos by boat from the harbors of Piraeus and Heraklion with the ships of Aegean Speed Lines, Cyclades Ferries, Hellenic Seaways and SeaJet.

For more information on the ferry routes to Milos visit the web sites of the companies:



Connection with other islands

Milos is connected by boat with: Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Ios, Santorini and Heraklion Crete.


Transfer within the Island

For your transportation on the island you can use the Intercity Buses (KTEL Bus of Milos) operating to Adamas - Triovasalo - Plaka - Tripiti - Pachaina - Phylakopi - Apollonia - Zefiria - Paliohori - Achivadolimni - Provata - Sarakiniko as well as taxies.

Medical Care

During your stay in Milos, you can be served for health issues:


Health Center of Plaka, Tel: (+30) 22873 60001, 22873 60030


Community Clinic of Adamantas, Tel: (+30) 22870 21755

Useful phone numbers

Coast Guard of Adamantas: (+30) 22870 22100, 23360


Milos Airport: (+30) 22870 22381


Police Station of Plaka: (+30) 22870 21204


Health Center of Plaka: (+30) 22873 60001, 22873 60030


Community Clinic of Adamantas: (+30) 22870 21755


Intercity Bus of Milos: (+30) 22870 22440


TAXI (Adamantas): (+30) 22870 22219


TAXI (Triovasalos): (+30) 22870 22219

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Archaeological Museum of Milos island Greece
Archaeological Museum of Milos
Catacombs of Trypiti Milos Greece
Catacombs of Milos
Folklore Museum of Milos Greece
Folklore Museum of Milos

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