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Holidays in Andros island

Andros is the second largest island of the Cyclades, right after Naxos Island. The deep blue sea, the majestic mountains, the canyons, the green gorges, the small fertile valleys and the abundant springs compose the scenery of this special place.


Architecturally, Andros stands out from the other islands of the Cyclades. Here, you will see classic whitewashed Cycladic houses with blue shutters and also neoclassical buildings, castles and towers, various types of rural houses and captains' and traders’ mansions. You will find watermills, wind mills, dovecotes, and stone bridges crossing the gorges, as well.


Island’s capital is Chora or Andros, which unfolds on a small peninsula on the eastern side of the island. This is one of the most charming cities of the entire Aegean Sea! Arcades, arches, fountains, neoclassical buildings and houses with Venetian elements give the city a special aristocratic character. Here, a dreamlike journey through space and time begins! “Lose yourself” in the picturesque, whitewashed streets of Chora, starting your walk from the main, paved with marble, pedestrian Georgiou Embeirikou Street. At the beginning of the street, your eye will be caught by the impressive neoclassical houses. Further down, you will find Goulandris or Girokomeio (Nursing Home) square with the imposing buildings of the City Hall and the Empeirikeiou Nursing Home and Hospital. Here, the cosmopolitan Theophilos Kairis square is dominated by the homonymous bust as well as the Kambanis marble fountain. In the picturesque square, you will find cafés, patisseries and ouzo taverns.


If you follow the steps at the right side of the square, you will reach Paraporti beach and the picturesque church of Panagia Theoskepasti. If you go down the stairs at the left side of the square, you will end up in Plakoures beach, which is dominated by the beautiful church of St. Thalassinis, perched on a rock. In Chora, you will find Rivas square, where the bronze statue of the Unknown Sailor stands out. Opposite of it, there is an island with the ruined, Venetian castle, connected with the town by a stone, arched bridge. From the island, the view of the town, the deep blue color of the sea and the Tourliti lighthouse built on a rock create a magnificent background!


The town is home to several notable museums including the Archaeological Museum of Andros, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Folklore and Christian Art of Andros and the Museum of Traditional Arts and Byzantine Icons. Major attractions of the capital are the Kaireios Library and the Kydonieos Foundation.


On the western side of Andros there is Gavrio; a small village built around a sheltered harbor. Here, you will find traditional restaurants, pastry shops, café/bars and shops. The most mundane part of Andros is Batsi; a settlement amphitheatrically built around the homonymous bay. Here, you will also find numerous restaurants, taverns and café/bars. An important attraction of Batsi is the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. If you really want to experience Andros Island, you should explore its magnificent hinterland; one of the most beautiful villages of which is the green Messaria. On the slopes of Mount Petalo, on the ancient capital of the island, the green village of Paleopolis, famous for its archaeological site, is perched. In the village you will see waterfalls; something rather unusual for a Cycladic island. In the modern part of the town, there is Paleopolis Archaeological Museum. Southern, the ancient settlement of Zagora, one of the most important archaeological sites on the island, lies. During your stay in Andros, it is worth visiting the Upper Castle or Faneromenis’ Castle or the Grias’ Castle (Old Woman's) Castle; island’s once powerful medieval town. Besides its historical value it offers stunning views over the Aegean Sea!


Andros; the island of the ship owners and captains, with the unpretentious charm, the aristocratic aura and the naval centuries-old tradition, is a place that never ceases to amaze the visitor, with its blistering images alternations!



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Andros is famous for its numerous, heavenly beaches, some of which are among the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea! At both sides of Andros’ Chora, you will find Paraporti and Niborio beaches, ideal for those staying in Chora and wish to avoid traveling. Keep in mind that Paraporti beach is exposed to northerly winds.

To the east of the island, there is the pebble Gyalia beach, as well as the sandy Piso Gyalia beach, which has a beach bar. In eastern Andros the idyllic Achla beach is located. The beautiful waters, the white, thin pebble, the river that flows into the sea, the church of St. Nicholas and the Gria’s lighthouse create a dreamy scenery!

On the north side of the island there are some of the nicest beaches of Andros, such as Vori; famous for the shipwreck which stands behind the rocks, creating a striking image. The beach has pebbles and crystal clear waters. In the virgin Lefka beach tourists who love free camping and snorkeling characterize it as their best choice. You have to leave your car several feet away from the beach (about 200m), so get prepared accordingly! Ateni and Vitali are two beautiful, small beaches with sand and pebbles, respectively. In Vitali beach, a part of which is organized, you will find a tavern. Zorkos beach is a pure paradise; with beautiful waters, small pebbles and rocks is ideal for diving. Umbrellas, deck chairs, and a tavern can be found there.

In the south, there is Grias to Pidima beach, which is one of the most popular beaches of Andros because of its special landscape; the vertical cliff which looms impressively through the seawater.

In western Andros, you will find many beautiful beaches, such as Apothikes beach, which has umbrellas, deck chairs and a canteen. In the beautiful beach of Agia Marina, you will find a small tavern with tables near the sea. Agios Cyprianos (Saint Cyprian) is a deserted beach, where the homonymous chapel dominates. Here you will also find a tavern. Kypri beach is sandy with crystal clear waters, while nearby there are some café/bars and taverns. Amongst the crowded beaches of the island there is the organized Chrysi Ammos (Golden Beach), with its beautiful golden sand. The popular Agios Petros (St. Peter) beach has extensive sand and shallow waters, while in the area you can find taverns. Relatively close to the port, there is Fellos; a sandy beach with trees offering natural shade.

Agios Petros beach Andros beaches Greece

Grias to Pidima beach Andros beaches Greece

Kypri beach Andros beaches Greece



- The Naval Museum in Riva


- The Ancient Zagora


- The Tower of Saint Peter in Kato Agios Petros village


- Paleokastro or Grias Castle or Faneromenis Castle in Kochylou village


- Panachrantou Monastery on Gerakones Mount


- The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi or Agia between Gavrio and Batsi villages


- Kato Castle and Rivas Square in Chora


- Goulandris Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art in Chora


- The Archaeological Museum of Chora


- The Archaeological Museum in Palaiopolis


- The Kaireios Library


- The Cave Foros in Aladino village


- The villages of Livadia and Niborios


- Batsi


- Apikia


- Gavrio


- Messaria


- The villages of Kato Aprovato and Katakilos


- The geometrical settlement of Zagora


- At Achla beach


- At Lefka beach


- At Zorkos beach


- At  Grias to Pidima beach


- At Apothikes beach


- At Agios Cyprianos beach


- At Kypri beach


- At Chrysi Ammos (Golden Beach)


- At Agios Petros (St. Peter) beach




Petroti (Cheese from Goat's or Cow's Milk)




Manous (Soft Salty Cheese)


Almond with rosewater




Ponchi (Andros Raki with Honey)



Useful Information 

How to get there


Travelling by boat

You can reach Andros by boat from the port of Rafina with the ships of Fast Ferries and with Express Penelope.

For more information on the ferry routes to Andros visit the web site of the company:


Connection with other islands

Andros is connected by ferry to Tinos and Mykonos daily.


Transfer within the Island

For your transportation on the island you can use the Intercity Buses (KTEL Bus of Andros) as well as taxies.

Medical Care

During your stay in Andros, you can be served for health issues:


Health Center of Andros which is located in Chora, Tel: (+30) 22820 22222, 23333, 23703


Community Clinic of Batsi: (+30) 22820 41326


Community Clinic of Korthi: (+30) 22820 61217

Useful phone numbers

Coast Guard: (+30) 22820 22250


Police Station of Andros: (+30) 22820 22300, 22307


Police Station of Batsi: (+30)  22820 41204


Police Station of Gavrio: (+30)  22820 71220


Police Station of Korthi: (+30)  22820 61217


Fire Department of Andros: (+30) 22820 42099


Health Center of Andros: (+30) 22820 22222, 23333, 23703


Community Clinic of Batsi: (+30) 22820 41326


Community Clinic of Korthi: (+30) 22820 61217


Intercity Bus of Andros: (+30) 22820 24288, 22316


TAXI: (+30) 22820 22171

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Archaeological Museum of Andros Greece
Archaeological Museum of Andros
Andros Maritime Museum Greece
Andros Maritime Museum

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