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Holidays in Aegina island

The beautiful island of Aegina, famous for its pistachios, attracts thousands of tourists every summer, due to not only its close proximity to Athens, but also for its natural beauty.


The city of Aegina, which is also the main port, is the center of the island. There, Ferry boats and flying dolphins from the port of Piraeus arrive every morning and then continue their journey to Agistri, Poros and Spetses. Once you get off the port, just a few meters further, you will see the horse carriages waiting patiently to give you a ride on the coastal road of the city. It is worth visiting the archaeological site of Kolona, a few steps away from the harbor and the Governorate near the Cathedral of Aegina where the first government of Greece was housed. As you cross the coastal road you will find many cafés and restaurants; the fish market of the island and counters with vegetables. From the afternoon onwards, this road turns into a large pedestrian area.


On the opposite side of the island there is Agia Marina; a small village surrounded by pine trees, which used to be a popular tourist destination. There, the time has stopped somewhere in the 90s. The small pier on the edge of the village serves a small ship operating the route Piraeus - Souvala - Agia Marina. Agia Marina is an excellent choice for quiet and relaxing holidays, while the big organized sandy beach with shallow waters is ideal for families with young children. A few kilometers away, there are the Archaeological Site of the Temple of Aphaia and a small Archaeological Museum. This temple is one of the most beautiful classical temples of Greece, which along with the Parthenon in Athens and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion form a perfect isosceles triangle. Take a few minutes and read the story of the creation of the Temple of Aphaia.


To the south of Aegina there is Perdika village; ideal destination for gourmet lovers. From there you can take the boat and visit the green island of Moni with its turquoise waters, the small deer and the peacocks. The island has an organized beach. It is certainly a tour not to be missed!


Among the most famous and important sights of Aegina is the Monastery of Agios Nectarios, with its women's monastery and its magnificent temple that overlooks the street heading from the town of Aegina to Agia Marina. A few meters behind the Monastery there is Paleochora; the abandoned old capital of Aegina, which is an ideal theme for those involved with photography.


Aegina, an island with rich history and great variety, is one of the most exceptional destinations for your holidays.


Aegina island Map Greece


In Aegina you will find many beaches covering all tastes. In the city, just below Kolona Archaeological Site, the homonymous sandy beach is located.

On the way to Perdika, you will find Faliraki or Agios Basilios beach as well as the two sandy beaches of Marathonas, which are organized. Further down, there is the small bay of Aiginitissa beach preferred by young people. Coming to Perdika and passing opposite to Moni Island, you will find a beach with crystal clear turquoise waters. Just outside Perdika village, heading southeast, you will find; with some difficulty as there is no proper marking; the organized Sarpa, with sand and a few pebbles; and Klima, with pebbles, beaches.

On the north side of the island there is the beach of Souvala with hot spas, the sandy Vagias beach and the beach of Agia Marina with sand and shallow waters.



- Moni beach


- The beach of Agia Marina, especially if you are families with young children


- The second Marathonas beach


- The archaeological site of Kolona, near the port of Aegina


- The Temple of Aphaia, near Agia Marina


- The Monastery of Agios Nectarios, on the road to Agia Marina


- Paleochora Village


- Moni island opposite to Perdika


- Agistri Island


- Pistachios of Aegina


- Katsoulas; local fish fried in olive oil or butter

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Piraeus

Travelling by boat

To reach Aegina, you can take a ferry-boat from Gate E8 at the port of Piraeus, from where ferry-boats, which can transfer cars or motorcycles, depart daily, whereas the trip lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can also get there by a flying dolphin in just 55 minutes. During summer months, the Agistri Express high speed boat as well as smaller boats operates daily, connecting the island of Aegina with Agistri.

For more information on the itineraries visit the companies' sites:



Transfer within Aegina

To move around on the island, you can use the local buses, which perform daily routes from the port of Aegina to Souvala, Agia Marina, Marathonas and Perdika.


Connecting boat lines with other islands

The island of Aegina is connected by boat with the port of Piraeus and with the islands of Agistri, Poros and Spetses.

Medical Care

During your stay in Aegina, you can be served for health issues:


Health Center which is located at  Μ. Tzika street, Phone: (+30) 22970 22222, 22886


Hospital «Agios Dionysios» which is located in Aegina, Phone: (+30) 22970 24489, 29128


Regional clinic of Agia Marina, Phone: (+30) 22970 32175


Regional clinic of Mesagros, Phone: (+30) 22970 71390

Useful phone numbers

Port Authority of Aegina: (+30) 22970 22328


Police Station of Aegina: (+30) 22970 22100


Fire department of Aegina: (+30) 22970 22172


Hospital «Agios Dionysios», Aegina: (+30) 22970 24489, 29128


Health Center of Aegina: (+30) 22970 22222, 22886


Regional clinic of Agia Marina: (+30) 22970 32175


Regional clinic of Mesagros: (+30) 22970 71390


Intercity Bus Station of Aegina: (+30) 22970 22787


ΤΑXΙ (Aegina): (+30) 22970 22635


ΤΑXΙ (Agia Marina): (+30) 22970 32107


ΤΑXΙ (Kypseli): (+30) 6932328873


ΤΑXΙ (Masagros): (+30) 22970 71313


ΤΑXΙ (Souvala): (+30) 6944343606

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Temple of Aphaia Aegina island Greece
Temple of Aphaia
Archaeological site of Kolona Aegina island Greece
Archaeological site of Kolona

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