Holidays in Rethymno Crete island Greece


Holidays in Rethymno

Rethymno, the capital of the prefecture, is an atmospheric city of Crete with a touch of Renaissance... In this extraordinary crossroads of civilizations, the Venetian architectural elements are harmoniously blended with the oriental influences, creating a residential complex of exceptional beauty and excellent specificity!


Core of the beautiful Rethymno is the aristocratic old town. Wander through the narrow alleys. Spend a minute in front of the beautiful old mansions. Explore the beautiful decorated with pergolas with vines corners and discover the architectural "treasures", which will take you to bygone times! While touring in the old city, you will come across wonderful attractions such as the Mosque of Kara Musa Pasha, the Venetian Rimondi Fountain, the Venetian Loggia with its impressive arched facades, the majestic church of Agios Fragiskos (San Francesco), the beautiful church of Kyrias ton Aggelon, the "Turkish" school and the Mosque of Gazi Hussein Pasha or Nerantze Mosque which now houses the town’s Conservatory.


Trademark of Rethymno is the Venetian castle Fortezza, which crowns the hill of Palaiokastro, offering stunning views over the city and the blue sea. Within the walls, you will have the chance to admire magnificent buildings such as the powder magazines, the food storage rooms and the water tanks, the Episcopal Palace, the residence of the Rector, the residence of the Directors, the church of Agios Theodoros Trichinas, the mosque of Sultan Ibrahim Khan and the outdoor theater Erofili. During summer months, in the fortress area the famous Renaissance Festival of Rethymno takes place.


On the west side of the city the idyllic Venetian harbor, with the characteristic lighthouse, which takes visitors to bygone eras, unfolds! There, you will see beautiful buildings of Venetian architecture, as well as Turkish architectural elements, in a setting that oozes intense romance and seems to have sprung from a painting! Along the harbor, you will find numerous café/bars and taverns.


From Rethymno small excursion boats, with which you can visit neighboring beaches, start. Some of those are old, wooden sailing ships, enhancing the romantic and nostalgic feeling of the place...


Rethymno hosts several interesting museums, including the Archaeological Museum, the Historical and Folklore Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Ecclesiastical Museum and the Museum of Underwater Zone.


Moreover, in this beautiful city, numerous festivals and celebrations, such as Rethymno Renaissance Festival, the Wine and Cretan Products Nutrition Festival as well as the famous Carnival of Rethymno are organized.


In this idyllic town, the narrow streets of the historic center, the buildings with their unique architecture, the imposing Fortress and the romantic harbor with its fishing boats swaying in the tranquil waters, make a scene of unsurpassed beauty which captivates and elevates the senses!



Rethymno Map Greece Crete island


The Prefecture of Rethymno is surrounded to the north by the Cretan Sea whilst to the South by the Libyan Sea, offering beautiful beaches and bays, covering all tastes!

Those wishing to avoid long distances should choose Rethymno extensive beach. It is sandy and most of it is organized. Within walking distance from the city, you will find the beach of Episkopi, with taverns and beach bar. Along the highway leading to Chania and Heraklion, there are numerous secluded sandy beaches and small rocky coves.

On the southern coast, the most beautiful beaches of the county, such as the sheltered, organized Schinaria beach, with the wonderful waters and the rich seabed as well as the long beach of Plakias unfold. On the same side of the county, there is the "exotic" Preveli beach; the small palm tree forest and the river that flows into the sea create a dreamy scenery! You can cross the river and admire the stunning landscape with the dense vegetation, the ponds, the streams and the waterfalls, which will make you feel as if you are in an oasis of the African continent!

Equally beautiful is the sandy Triopetra beach, with its greyish sand and the three rocks that seem to emerge from the sea. Worth to stay on the beach until the sunset and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Crete! In a secluded bay, behind the rocks, forming a second beach, there is Little Triopetra. On the same side of the island, the beautiful Agios Pavlos (St. Paul) beach lies; an ideal choice for those who love tranquility and isolation. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the sunset from there! South of Rethymno, the popular resort of Agia Galini, where you will find wonderful beaches and coves, lies.



- The Church of Agios Fragiskos


- The Mosque of Veli Pasha


- The sources in Argyroupoli Village


- Agios Antonios Canyon


- Arkadi Monastery


- Medieval Village of Maroulas


- Moni Preveli


- The River Dam


- Melidoni Cave or Gerontospilios


- Sfendoni Cave


- Ideon Andron


- Lake Kournas


- Bali


- Agia Galini


- Plakias


- Spili Village


- Gruyere Cheese


- Myzithra Cheese


- Stakovoutyro


- Carob Honey


- Dakos Salad


- Aamanites


- Anevata


- At Preveli beach


- At Plakias beach


- At Schinaria beach


- At Agios Pavlos beach


- At Agia Galini beach

Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by plane

The fastest way to get to Rethymno of Crete is to fly there, via the airports of Chania or Heraklion, which receive daily flights from Athens, Thessaloniki, as well as from many European cities such as Marseille, Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Glasgow, London, Rome, Milan, Paphos, Oslo, Eidhoven and Stockholm.

For more information click here.


Travelling by boat

You can also get to Rethymno by boat from the port of Piraeus via the port of Chania on the ships of ANEK Lines. Then, if you travel in your own car or rent one on the island, follow the national highway from Chania to Rethymno to reach your destination. Rethymno is approximately 58 km away from the city of Chania.

For more information on the routes check the web sites of the companies:



Transfer within Rethymnon

To travel from the prefecture of Rethymno to Chania and Heraklion you can use the KTEL bus (Intercity Bus).

For more information on the bus routes of KTEL of Chania - Rethymno click here.


Medical Care

During your stay in Rethymno, you can be served for health issues:


General Hospital of Rethymno which is located at 17, Trandallidou street in Rethymno, Tel: (+30) 28313 42100


Health Center of Spili, Tel: (+30) 28323 40011


Health Center of Perama, Tel: (+30) 28433 40000


Health Center of Agia Fotini, Tel: (+30) 28333 40000


Health Center of Anogia, Tel: (+30) 28340 31208

Useful phone numbers

Rethymno Port Authority: (+30) 28310 20248, 22276


Police: 100


Police Station of Rethymno: (+30) 28310 88154-5


Fire Department of Rethymno: (+30) 28310 22222, 35288


National Centre for Emergency Assistance (ΕΚΑΒ): 166


General Hospital of Rethymno: (+30) 28313 42100


Intercity Bus of Chania - Rethymno: (+30) 28310 22212


RadioTaxi (Rethymno): (+30) 28310 72900

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Archaeological Museum of Rethymno Crete
Archaeological Museum Rethymno

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