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The historic capital of Imathia, Veria, is amphitheatrically built at the foot of Bermuda Mountain. Old, picturesque neighborhoods, Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches, walls, museums, important archaeological sites and well preserved, green parks make up the city’s backdrop.


Point of reference is the Clock Square or Raktivan which is dominated by the imposing building of the Court House. At the back of it, the ruins of the Tower Queen Vergina can be found. Its own mark in the square gives the new memorial; a composition of stone and glass, with the Macedonian crown in the center of it. Across the square, there is the Turkish school (nowadays the 3rd and 14th Primary Schools of Veria), on the construction of which stones from the historic Tower Queen Vergina, the Clock Tower, the city’s walls and castles have been used. During your stay in Veria worth "losing yourself" in its atmospheric old quarter.


The old Christian quarter of Kyriotissa is downtown’s most well-preserved neighborhood. Helix cobbled roads, winding streets, small stone churches and old stone houses, compose Kyriotissa’s scenery whilst proving this city’s rare architectural tradition. Many scheduled buildings have been converted into cafes / bars and restaurants. In the region of Panagia Deksia, folk-traditional houses and some temples are preserved. Here is the plane tree where Veria’s Metropolitan, Saint Arsenios, was hung by the Turks. In the Jewish Quarter Barbuta, which lies next to Tripotamo, all houses are connected and all "see" inwards. The streets are made of stone, while courtyards are paved with pebbles. Barbuta’s "heart", is the stone building of the synagogue, behind of which, the Mikveh (religious baths) is been preserved. In the Christian Quarter of Makariotissa important Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches dominate. Among them, the temples of Christ’s Resurrection and Kirikou and Julitta stand out.


The city of Veria has several interesting museums. You should visit the Byzantine Museum, housed in an old mill, Marcos’ Mill; the Folklore Museum, housed in the old Sarafoglou mansion; as well as the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Education and Vlachogianneio Museum of Modern Art and History. During your stay in Veria, look for the beautiful neoclassical building of the Town Hall, and the award-winning Central Public Library. The city also houses some other great sites such as the Apostle Paul’s podium where, every year in June, the Pauline celebration takes place. In Veria some samples of the Ottoman architecture, such as the Orta Mosque and, the more recent, Medrese mosque have been preserved. Apart from the mosques, other Ottoman buildings can also be found. The most characteristic of which are the Twins Baths of Alatas Sinan. Beyond its historical character, the city of Veria is famous for its green "spots". Enjoy the panoramic view of the Imathiotika valley from the green park of Elia, which is fairly called "Veria’s balcony". Here, there are some beautiful neoclassical buildings that function as cafes. Adjacent to Elia’s park, along Anixeos road lies the Agion Anargiron (Saints Anargiron) park while just outside the city center, the Papagos park is a nice place to hang out. There is Melina’s Merkouri outdoor theater. A few steps further a cafeteria operates as well. Beyond those parks, the city is highly linked to Mother Nature. Its western part is traversed by Tripotamo river, creating an idyllic setting for relaxing walks and strolls. It is worth walking over the several small bridges and along the river banks. Furthermore, because of the Vermio Mountain’s sources, Veria has abundant water resources. For this reason, at every corner of the city, you will find scattered public fountains, from which cold water is constantly flowing.


Veria, a town-museum and a "mosaic" of cultures, may not be featured in the list of the most popular tourist destinations, it perfectly "marries", however, its long history with its natural wealth; a place so special and so peculiar, that promises to enchant all sorts of travelers! 



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- Kyriotissa, the old Christian Quarter


- Barbuta, the Jewish Quarter


- The Apostle Paul’s podium


- The Archaeological Museum of Veria


- The Byzantine Museum of Veria


- The museums of the Royal Tombs of Aigai (Vergina)


- The archaeological site of Vergina


- The monasteries of Panagia Sumela, Panagia Dovras and Timiou Prodromou 


- The Seli and Τria – Pente Pigadia ski resorts


- The Cave “Michael’s Hole" at Seli


- Aliakmona’s dam


- Naoussa


- Edessa


- Kozani 


- Ravani cake


- Syrupy donuts


- Fasoulotava or fasoulodava


- Traditional pies

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Athens

Travelling by car

You will drive to Larissa from Athens (506 km distance - 4 hours and 30 minutes ride) via the National Highway from Athens to Thessaloniki. After passing the city of Aikaterini, drive for 36 km further along and then enter Egnatia Highway heading to Veria.


Travelling by bus

You can also reach the prefecture of Imathia by taking the Intercity Bus (KTEL Bus of Imathia), from the Intercity Bus Station of Kifissos in Athens, with stopovers at Schimatari, Thebes, Kastro, Lamia, Almiros, Larissa and Aikaterini. The bus station in Veria is located in Hera street.

For more information on the routes of KTEL Bus of Imathia click here.



From Thessaloniki

Travelling by car

From Thessaloniki you can drive via Egnatia Highway (72 km distance - 50 minutes ride), following the signs to the city of Veria.


Travelling by bus

You can also reach Veria by taking the Intercity Bus (KTEL Bus of Imathia) from Macedonia Intercity Bus Station of Thessaloniki, with stopovers at Malgara, Kleidi, Niseli, and Kouloura.

For more information on the routes of KTEL Bus of Imathia click here.


Transfer within Veria

For your transportation within the city of Veria use the city buses and taxies. Generally, the city of Veria, along with its districts are pretty easy to walk.

For more information on the bus routes of Veria click here.

Medical Care

During your stay in Veria, you can be served for health issues:


General Hospital of Imathia (Veria) which is located in the settlement of Papagou in Veria, Tel: (+30) 23313 51100

Useful phone numbers

Police Station of Veria: (+30) 23310 76643, 76646-7


Fire department of Veria: (+30) 23310 199, 23310 22222


General Hospital of Imathia (Veria): (+30) 23313 51100


Intercity Bus of Imathia: (+30) 23310 22342


City Bus of Veria: (+30) 23310 23334


RadioTaxi: (+30) 23310 62555, 62666

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Archaeological Museum of Veria Greece
Archaeological Museum of Veria
Byzantine Museum of Veria Greece
Byzantine Museum of Veria
Royal Tombs of Aigai

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