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Holidays in North Evia

In North Evia, the verdant pine forests, the old plane trees, the olive groves, the rivers, the waterfalls and the beautiful beaches create a dreamy scenery of indescribable beauty! Due to its close proximity to Athens, North Evia is an ideal destination for short breaks…or larger ones!


In this lush part of the island, the bustling fishing village of Agia Anna unfolds, in an idyllic landscape, where the dazzling green forest masterfully marries with the deep blue sea. Agia Anna has become very popular in recent years because of its organized camping, which attracts numerous tourists (mostly youth). It is worth taking a romantic stroll along the extensive beach of the village, either on foot or by bike, especially at sunset. Major attractions of Agia Anna are the homonymous church where the image of Saint Anna is stored, which, according to locals, saved the village from pirates, as well as the church of Agios Panteleimon, which dominates the peninsula of Agios Vasileios. Of great interest is the Folklore Museum, where, among other things, traditional costumes of the place are exposed. In this beautiful "corner" of Evia, you will find taverns and trendy café/bars where you can enjoy your food or drink, overlooking the deep blue sea. Besides summer, Agia Anna is also famous for its obscene Carnival. If you like walking, you can visit the famous gorge of Neleus (Arapis), known as Boulovinainas Canyon, unfolding in a heavenly environment, within walking distance from Agia Anna. It is also worth visiting the dreamlike Drymonas waterfalls, located between Kerasia and Drymonas. To get there, you will follow a scenic route, full of lush!


One of the most cosmopolitan tourist resorts of Evia is Pefki, which unfolds along an extensive beach, representing the historic seaport of Artemisium. The full of trees walkways, the wide, sandy beach and the beautiful harbor with fishing boats and excursion boats make up the main features of this charming place. An important attraction is the old church of Agios Georgios, which is estimated to have been built on the ruins of the ancient temple of Artemis. Do not forget to wander at Artemision with its traditional architecture which is perched on a pine-covered area.


In North Evia, the beautiful village of Edipsos, famous for its thermal springs, lies. This tranquil island-state provides all tourist amenities to the visitor; renovated historic hotels, beautiful taverns and stylish café/bars. Within EOT Spas you will find an interesting archaeological collection with findings from Yaltra, Agios Nikolaos and Istiea. Behind the Spa, there are baths within Sulla’s Cave; one of the best preserved finds of Roman period. Local attractions include Edipsos wonderful neoclassical building of the Town Hall, the Church of the Assumption, Agios Nicholaos Church As well as Agia Paraskevi Church. If you love adventure, the beautiful Telethrio Mountain is ideal for hiking and 4 × 4 excursions.


On the northeast side of Evia, the picturesque settlement of Limni, amphitheater built around a beautiful bay, unfolds. There, time seems to have stopped... The pine-covered slopes of Kantiliou Mount, the picturesque houses with the tiled roofs, the beautiful harbor, the taverns on the beach and the cafés under the perennial plane tree compose an image which seems to have sprung from bygone eras! It is worth browsing in the narrow alleys, admiring the neoclassical architecture of most of the houses, as well as walk along the romantic coastal road, overlooking Evian Gulf. Major attractions in this island-state are the old Kindergarten, the Historical and Folklore Museum, the old Aqueduct (the “Old Fountain”), the cavernous church of Agios Christodoulos, Zoodochos Pigi church which is built on an Early Christian basilica, Agios Andreas hermitage and Koimisi tis Theotokou Church, with its impressive bell tower. Limni has strong also a significant cultural side as every summer, hosts the famous "Elymnia"; a series of events including cultural events, lectures, theatrical and dance performances, musical evenings, and sports events. In this romantic "corner" of Evia, you will find traditional taverns, small local coffee shops, lively café/bars, and outdoor cinema. Nearby, south of Limni, surrendered in the lap of nature there is the famous Monastery of Agios Nicholaos Galataki, which is estimated to have been built over the ruins of Poseidon’s ancient temple. From there, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the disarming view of the Evian Gulf as well as the opposite coasts of Voiotia.


Northwest of Evia, a small cluster of islands dominates; the mythical Lihadonisia or Lihada. The small "Seychelles of Evia", as these islands are called, are uninhabited and are located between Lichada and Kamena Vourla, Fthiotida. During your trip towards these small paradise islets, is very likely to come across graceful seals as they have chosen the region for housing. The largest island of the cluster is the green Magnolia. There, are some preserved ruins of the old houses of the island. An important attraction is the impressive wreck, located on the west side of this islet. While browsing in Lihadonisia, you can’t but notice Stroggyli islet, which is dominated by the lighthouse and the remains of the Holy Monastery of the 12th century.


In North Evia, the verdant pine forests, the impressive waterfalls, the majestic canyons, the heavenly beaches and the thriving nature compose a place of untouched and original beauty, which offers endless places to explore!


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In the extensive beach of Agia Anna (Agkali) you will find umbrellas and sun beds, as well as numerous café/bars and taverns along the coast. Nearby, you will also find the beautiful beach of Fragaki Achladiou, with sand and pebbles. If you are adventurous enough, you can dive at Drymonas waterfalls. The water is cold, but the experience will be unforgettable!

At the popular Pefki beach you will find an extensive, organized beach. The beach has sections with sand, pebbles or small stones, covering all tastes. If you love sports, you can use the available net to play beach volley. Within walking distance, the relatively quieter beach of Asminiou unfolds. At a not very short distance, in Neos Pyrgos, you will find an extensive, organized beach.

There is also the beach of Edipsos; mainly preferred by guests who want to take advantage of the thermal waters. Below Yaltra village there is Mylos quiet beach. On the road from Edipsos to Yaltra you will find Agios Nicholaos; one of the most beautiful beaches of Evia. There, there are several beach bars, attracting youth. In the center of the bay, there is an island dominated by the homonymous chapel. Swim until you reach this small island! At both right and left of Agios Nicholaos, two small, quieter beaches unfold.

In Limni, you will find a relatively small beach, ideal for those wishing to avoid traveling. However, it is worth exploring the surrounding area, as it has countless, wonderful beaches, some organized and some deserted. Moving towards Chronia, you will find several sandy beaches, ideal for a quiet swim. As an alternative there is the rugged coastline, unfolding on the road to Galataki monastery.

In Lihadonisia, at Magnolias beach, golden sand and warm, shallow waters, umbrellas, deck chairs and a canteen where you can buy coffee, drink or food are found. Bear in mind that especially on weekends, guests are too many, so you should plan your visit to this beautiful island earlier during the week. Opposite to Lihadonisia, in northwest Evia, the popular beach of Lichadas (Kavos), with sand and shallow waters unfolds. The beach is organized and has a beach bar.



- Kerasia village


- The Paleontological Findings Museum in Kerasia


- Megalo Livari village


- Kremasis Waterfall


- Gerakiou Waterfall


- Achladi village


- Papades village


- Keramia village


- Yaltra village


- The Thermal Springs in Yaltra


- Ilia village


- Agiokambos village


- "Nautilus" Museum of Marine Findings


- Lihada village


- Olive Oil


- Olives


- Honey


- Handmade Chylopites (Noodles)


- Trachanas (either Sour or Sweet Pasta)


- Dried Figs


- Wine

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