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The historical town of Karpenisi is the capital of Evritania Prefecture, located on the southwestern slopes of Velouhi mountain. This small town, with the impressive mountains, the fir-covered peaks and the crystal running waters is a ''heaven on earth'' which captivates the visitor all year round!


It is worth touring in Karpenisi and in its picturesque settlements and admiring the excellent samples of the local architecture, with the renovated mansions, the arched bridges, the byzantine churches, the monasteries and the old schools. Karpenisi fascinates the visitor with its flexible character. In autumn, it is "dressed" in red-orange shades, makes an ideal destination for relaxation, tranquility and walks in the nature. In winter, the snowy setting captivates the senses and the ski resort on Velouhi mountain becomes the town's hallmark. In spring, the Evritanian nature flourishes and the scenery turns heavenly; full of colours. In summer, Karpenisi becomes a cultural center, as the Festivities of the Forest and of the Folklore Tradition take place, with theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions and other artistic activities. Regardless the time of the year you choose to visit Karpenisi, it is worth "losing yourself" in its streets and take a moment in the central square of Markos Botsaris, with the stone fountains and the plane tree, as old as the hills, which has inspired numerous folksongs. The square is paved with large pebbles, forming semicircles, each of which bears the name of the municipality of the area. A few meters further from the square lies Agia Triada Cathedral (Cathedral of the Holy Trinity), which has been classified as a designated historical monument. Of great interest is also the Museum of Karpenisi, dedicated to Alexander and Constantine Tsatsos. In the main Zinopoulou street, you will find café/bars, shops with local products and stores selling winter sports equipment. In the southern part of the town the green Hill, with the small church of St. Demetrius, which offers panoramic view of the entire town, stand out.


It is worth visiting the historical region of Kefalovryso; a beautiful place with tall plane trees, cool water springs and a tiny artificial lake. There, two monuments honoring the Greek Revolution hero, Markos Botsaris, reminding the visitor of the "heavy" history of this place, stand out. Those fans of alternative tourism will love Karpenisi, as they can choose from a variety of activities, such as hiking on beautiful forest trails, horse-riding, cycling, paintballing and rafting.


In Karpenisi, the so called "Switzerland of Greece", the picturesque setting along with the traditional architecture are combined in harmony with the virgin nature and the landscapes of incomparable beauty, creating a destination which enchants the most demanding traveler!



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 - The Monastery of Proussos


 - The Old Mikro (Small) Village


 - Megalo (Big) Village


 - Domnista Village


 - Kremasta Lake


 - The valley of Karpenisiotis River


 - The village of Old Viniani


 - The Pantavrehi Canyon


 - Fidakia Village


 - Chryso Village


 - Koryshades Village


 - Voutyro Village


 - The ski center of Velouhi Mountain



 - Local sausages of the region of Evritania


 - Prosciutto


 - Katiki or Tsalafouti Cheese (white, creamy, slightly sour cheese made mostly from goat milk or mixed with sheep milk)


 - Traditional Pies


 - Spoon Sweets


 - Mountain Tea from Velouhi


 - Honey


 - Tsipouro (strong distilled spirit made from the residue of wine press)


 - River Trout


 - Trahanas (traditional handmade pasta)

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Athens

Travelling by car

To Karpenisi, you can drive from Athens (283 km distance - 3 hours and 30 minutes ride) via the National Highway from Athens to Lamia. Just as you reach Lamia, follow the signs to Karpenisi passing through the villages of Lianokladi, Makrakomi and the Tymfrystos Mountain. Lamia is approximately 70 km away from Karpenisi.


Travelling by bus

You can also take the bus line of Evritania KTEL from the Intercity Bus Station of Liosia (approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes journey). For more information on the bus routes of Evritania KTEL click here.



From Thessaloniki

Travelling by car

From Thessaloniki you can drive to Karpenisi (369 km distance - approximately 4 hours & 15 minutes ride) taking the route to Lamia. Just as you reach Lamia, follow the signs to Karpenisi passing through the villages of Lianokladi, Makrakomi and the Tymfrystos Mountain.

Medical Care

During your stay in Karpenisi, you can be served for health issues:


General Hospital of Karpenisi which is located at 2, Pavlos Bakogiannis street, Tel: (+30) 22373 50100

Useful phone numbers

Police Station of Karpenisi: (+30) 22370 89150, 89160


Police Station of Kerasochori: (+30) 22370 31216


Police Station of Fournas: (+30) 22370 51222


Fire Department of Karpenisi: (+30) 22370 22199, 23101-2-3


General Hospital of Karpenisi: (+30) 22373 50100


Intercity Bus Station of Karpenisi: (+30) 22370 80013-4


TAXI: (+30) 22370 22100, 22666


Ski Center of Karpenisi (Challet): (+30) 22370 21113, 22002

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