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Delphi, known as the "earth’s navel", lies on the southern slopes of Parnassos Mount. It is one of the most important and rich, in archaeological finds, sites of Greece. For many centuries, Delphi used to be the religious and spiritual center of the ancient Greeks. The city is connected with the famous Delphi oracle, the Amphictyonic institution and Apollo’s sanctuary. Today, the archaeological site of Delphi is characterized as a UNESCO world heritage site.


The archaeological site lies in an impressive natural landscape, between two massive rocks, the Phaedriades. The site includes two sanctuaries; one dedicated to god Apollo and another one to goddess Athena, as well as other facilities, especially athletic ones. Walking in this archaeological site is a unique experience! Athena Pronaia’s sanctuary is the first of two major sanctuaries which welcome the visitors traveling from Athens. Today, the ruins of Athena’s three temples and the famous Dome, a circular building that is one of the most masterful monuments of Delphi, dedicated to her, are preserved here.


Northwest of Athena’s Temple, the ancient Gymnasium is one of the most complete building blocks of antiquity, with space for the athletes’ preparation including a gymnasium and spa. Originally, it was used for training athletes. However, in the Hellenistic period it was used for orators, philosophers and poets’ lectures.


In the canyon formed by Phaedriades, under a large rock, Flempouko rock, there is Delphi‘s sacred spring, Castalia. Its water used to play a crucial role both in the temple and the oracle functioning. From its spring, the water was led to the Castalia Fountain. Almost 50 meters higher than the Castalia Fountain, there is one, not as old, fountain, known as the Rock’s Castalia.


Prominently, the temple of Apollo, the most important monument of the site, predominates. In Apollo’s temple with its famous sanctuary, Pythia’s oracles were given, in a cryptic form, the interpretation of which was undertaken by the priests of the temple. One of the most impressive buildings of the Apollo’s temple is the Athenians’ Treasury; the location where trophies from major military victories of the city of Athens and other items dedicated to the temple were stored and secured. Within Apollo’s sanctuary, on the northwestern edge of the site, there is the Ancient Theatre of Delphi. Above the temple of Apollo, you can find the Ancient Stadium, one of the best preserved monuments of its kind. During summer months, this site hosts exciting performances and events.


During your stay at the city of Delphi, do not forget to visit the Archaeological Museum, in which you can find unique exhibits such as Eniochos (the Charioteer) and the Sphinx of Naxos.


The modern village of Delphi is located within walking distance from the archaeological site and has extensive tourist infrastructures. Here, you will find hotels and mansions, taverns, restaurants, and tourist shops where you can buy local food products, gifts and souvenirs.


The city of Delphi, the existence of which is lost in the mists of history and mythology, is a place with awesome grandeur that inevitably enchants and awes even the most discerning guest!



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- The Archaeological Museum of Delphi


- The Archaeological Site of Delphi, the Ancient Gymnasium and the Tholos (Dome) of Athena Pronaia


- The European Cultural Centre of Delphi


- Arachova


- Parnassos’ ski resort


- Korikio Andro (Cave)


- Agoriani (or Eptalofo)


- Amphissa


- Vargiani


- Gravia


- Itea


- Galaxidi

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Athens

Travelling by car

To Delphi, you can drive from Athens (180 km distance - 2 hours & 20 minutes ride) through the National Highway, taking the exit to Thebes on the 90th km. Follow the road to Livadia and then to Arachova and Delphi.


Travelling by bus

You can also take the bus line of Fokida KTEL from the Intercity Bus Station of Liosia (3 hours and 30 minutes journey). For more information on the bus routes of Fokida KTEL click here.



From Thessaloniki

Travelling by car

To Delphi, you can drive from Thessaloniki (378 km distance - 4 hours & 20 minutes ride) through the National Highway to Athens. After Lamia turn right to Patras and Amphissa. After, approximately, 27 km, turn left to the village of Gravia and drive around the villages of Gravia, Eleonas, Amfissa and Chrisso. About 9 km after passing Chrisso village you reach Delphi.


Travelling by bus

To Delphi, you can also take the bus line of Fokida KTEL from the Intercity Bus Station of Thessaloniki (3-hours journey). For more information on the bus routes of Fokida KTEL click here.



From Patra

Travelling by car

You can drive to Delphi, crossing the Rion - Antirion Bridge, following the route: Galaxidi – Itea - Delphi.

Medical Care

During your stay in Delphi, you can be served for health issues:


Regional Clinic of Delphi, Tel: (+30) 22650 82307,


Community Clinic of Chrisso, Tel: (+30) 22650 82004,


Health Center of Itea (15 Km) which is located at 7, Papalexandri street, Tel: (+30) 22650 32224,


General Hospital of Amfissa (20 Km), which is located at Drosochori, Tel: (+30)22650 22222, 28460, 28888.

Useful phone numbers

Police Station of Delphi: (+30) 22650 82222


Regional Clinic of Delphi: (+30) 22650 82307


Community Clinic of Chrisso: (+30) 22650 82004


Intercity Bus of Delphi: (+30) 22650 82317


TAXI: (+30) 22650 82000

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Archaeological Museum of Delphi. Museums in Greece.
Archaeological Museum of Delphi

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