Top 15 destinations for Summer Holidays 2016 in Greece

  • Summer Holidays in Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Dreamingreece proposes 15 top destinations for holidays in Greece for 2016 - Learn everything you need to know

Idyllic beaches, isolated coves, ancient cities, medieval castles, sea castle states; all of these having as a backdrop the sea deep blue color, are just some of the surprises Greece has to offer for your summer holidays! In this ark of the Mediterranean culture, long history meets the astonishing beauty of a place which knows how to embrace and welcome its guests!


1. Athens - Attica

Holidays in Athens Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Reference point of this country; the country of the sun and the sea, is the capital city of Athens, which is rightly called the "Cradle of the Western Civilization". Lose yourself in the narrow streets of Plaka, walk through Anafiotika district; a "downtown island", and visit Monastiraki and Thissio, under the watchful gaze of the Acropolis. Do not forget to cross the Panepistimiou Street and admire the famous "Athenian Trilogy": the University, the Library and the Academy. Enjoy, in the heart of Athens as well as in its suburbs, some of the countless options for food, drink, theater or cinema. Should you wish to combine your acquaintance with the city, with sea diving, then, the Athenian Riviera promises unique water experiences! Learn more...

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2. Thessaloniki - Central Macedonia

Holidays in Thessaloniki Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Equally charming is the beautiful city of Thessaloniki or Salonica. The White Tower, Aristotelous Square, the Triumphal Arch of Galerius also known as Kamàra and Rotunda are just some of the great sights of Thessaloniki. Do not leave town without crossing the coastal Nikis Avenue. Walking near Thermaikos Gulf, you will feel the unique aura, the pervasive melancholy, and also the eroticism of the city. It is also worth taking a walk in Kalamarià, with the stylishly seaside taverns, as well as in the elegant Néa Kríni, with the beautiful marina and its glorious sunset. A hidden secret awaits you at the highest point of Thessaloniki, where the conservation village of Ano Póli (Upper Town) unfolds, exuding a sweet nostalgia! Learn more...

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3. Halkidiki - Central Macedonia

Holidays in Halkidiki Greece Travel Guide of Greece

If you are a nature lover, an ideal choice for you is Chalkidiki; an earthly paradise! The beaches with the emerald waters, the lush pine forests, the traditional villages, the beautiful marina and the famous casino completely justify the expression both locals and visitors use: "Like Chalkidiki, nowhere else!" If you love cosmopolitan resorts choose Kassandra; the most touristic leg of the peninsula. More relaxed rhythms prevail in the romantic Sithonia, which is famous for its cinematic beaches. The third leg of Chalkidiki, the peninsula of Athos, is known for Mount Athos; the famous Monastic state, with its long history and unique architecture. Less popular, but evenly beautiful is the mountainous Chalkidiki, which is distinguished by its authentic charm. Learn more...

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4. Parga And Sivota - Epirus

Holidays in Parga Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Popular summer hangouts are also hidden in Western Greece. In cosmopolitan Parga, the Venetian castle, pines, cypresses, olive trees and the deep blue of the Ionian Sea compose a magical scenery! Sivota, which unfolds around a picturesque harbor, is equally idyllic. The orange-red color of the roofs, the blinding green of the hills and the deep blue sea create a stunning color feast! As for the beaches… there you will find numerous sandy beaches, reminiscent of the Caribbean! Learn more...


5. Mykonos - Cyclades

Holidays in Mykonos island Greece Travel Guide of Greece

High on the list of the top Greek destinations many islands of the Cyclades complex are found. The crowded corners, the frantically after-hour parties and the cosmic beaches bring every year Mykonos island in the forefront of the tourist preferences. However, this cosmopolitan Cycladic island hides another, more casual character. Island hinterland, its picturesque churches, the rocky landscape and the deserted coves give place another, more primitive beauty. In Chóra, the cobbled, winding streets, the whitewashed terraces, the picturesque windmills and the traditional Cycladic houses compose a dreamlike backdrop. Between Castle and Scarpa, you will find one of the most romantic corners of Mykonos; Little Venice, where buildings ground floor is located on the same level with the sea water. The colorful wooden balconies which seem to hang over the sea, combined with the deep blue sea color, create a landscape which seems to be taken from a fairytale! In Mykonos, you will find beautiful beaches with crystal waters either crowded or quiet and isolated. Learn more...

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6. Paros - Cyclades

Holidays in Paros island Greece Travel Guide of Greece

In Cyclades complex, lies another multi-character island; the cosmopolitan island of Paros. Although Paros has combined its name with the youth which overwhelms the island, it has also, another, more virgin side, which places it among the most beautiful islands in the Aegean! Port and capital of the island is bustling Naoussa, which offers the visitor all the amenities. In captivating Naoussa, the image of the charming harbor with the colorful fishing boats seems to have sprung from a painting! In Paros, you will find beaches covering all tastes: cosmopolitan or secluded, small or extensive, leeward or exposed to the wind and, therefore, ideal for kite surfing and windsurfing. Learn more...

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7. Naxos - Cyclades

Holidays in Naxos island Greece Travel Guide of Greece

If the aura of Cyclades suits you, you can also visit the evenly beautiful neighboring island of Paros, Naxos. The capital of the island unfolds around and inside a castle. White houses with colored shutters, whitewashed flowery courtyards, alleys, archways and old houses create a magical setting! If you want to really learn Naxos, you need to explore the amazing villages of Apiranthos or Aperathou, and Filoti. Do not leave the island without enjoying the sunset from Portara; a huge marble gate, located on the islet of Palaces, in front of the port. In Naxos, you will find stunning sandy beaches with crystal clear waters where you can enjoy your dives, and indulge in water sports. Learn more...

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8. Santorini - Cyclades

Holidays in Santorini island Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Words cannot describe lovers’ (but not only) ultimate destination; atmospheric Santorini. In cosmopolitan Firà, the image of the houses, which seems to have clung to the walls of the caldera, the unique view of the volcano and the deep blue color of the sea compose a beautiful masterpiece setting, the like of which does not exist! Almost joined to Firà there is Firostefani, which is quieter, with breathtaking views over the caldera. In famous Oia, the cave houses, the two-storey captain mansions, the picturesque churches and the streets which have been paved with marble compose an idyllic setting. From there, you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world! Equally beautiful is Imerovígli with its sunset competing in beauty that of Oia. Do not forget to visit the volcano, as well as Thirassia island. Also of great interest is Akrotiri or "Pompeii of the Aegean" as it is called. As for the beaches, Santorini’s volcanic nature, has given them a special feature: black sand succeeds reddish sand and white rocks succeed red rocks in an uninterrupted succession of images, which will excite you! Learn more...

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9. Milos - Cyclades

Holidays in Milos island Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Lovers’ favorite destination is also the charming island of Milos. Traditional villages, exotic beaches, pirate caves, volcanic rocks, catacombs and harbors dug inside rocks, the so-called Sírmata (wires), create a peculiar charming setting. In the main port, Adàmas, with the traditional Cycladic color, you will find excellent tourist infrastructure. In fairytale Plàka, the whitewashed houses with the colorful doors and windows, the cobbled streets, the traditional shops, restaurants and café/bars with magnificent views as well as the dominating Venetian castle compose a scene which seems to have sprung from a painting! Do not miss visiting Klíma, a doll-like village, famous for its Sírmata, as well as the quiet seaside village of Apollonía or Pollónia. As for the sea… due to its volcanic character, Milos has beaches of amazing beauty and unique morphology, each of which is completely different from the others! Learn more...

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10. Koufonisia - Cyclades

Holidays in Koufonisia islands Greece Travel Guide of Greece

We would not exaggerate by saying that the Aegean Sea has its own Maldives; the exotic Koufonisia islands! The once isolated and barely known twin islands of Ano and Kato Koufonisi have now become a popular summer resort, synonymous to carefree and relaxation! In Ano Koufonissi, the whitewashed houses with the blue shutters, the whitewashed streets and the turquoise waters beaches create a scene from the 60s! A small strait separates Ano and Kato Koufonisi which does not have many inhabitants. These twin islands are famous for the sugary sand and clear, turquoise water beaches. So, put on your backpack, which is strictly necessary, and get ready for an unforgettable vacation experience in this tiny paradise, with diffuse positive energy! Learn more...

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11. Amorgos - Cyclades

Holidays in Amorgos island Greece Travel Guide of Greece

In the eastern part of Cyclades, you will find the beautiful island of Amorgos. Ethereal landscapes, bare mountains, impulsive streams and the inexhaustible blue color compose a place deeply erotic, which has a peculiar appeal to the visitor! In aristocratic Chóra, rare Cycladic architecture, cobbled streets, shady squares, picturesque churches and impressive windmills form one of the most beautiful capitals of Cyclades! You should also have a stroll at the two natural ports of Amorgos; Aegiali and Katapola. More relaxed rhythms prevail in the less touristic but equally beautiful southwestern part of the island. Complete your journey with a visit to the whitewashed monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, nesting on rocky cliffs, as if gazing at the deep blue sea! As for diving, in Amorgos you will find stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and breathtaking sea bottom! Learn more...

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12. Kefalonia - Ionian islands

Holidays in Kefalonia island Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Ionian islands are evenly charming. In cosmopolitan Kefalonia, the green mountains of Enos, the lush vegetation, the enchanting caves and the dreamy beaches, combined with the great archaeological sites, imposing castles, traditional villages and picturesque fishing ports, create a great destination for summer holidays. The beautiful squares, the cobbled walkways, the imposing neoclassical buildings and the stone Devosetou bridge (De Bosset’s bridge) characterize Argostoli; the cosmopolitan capital of the island. With more low paced rhythms, Lixouri, is ideal for romantic walks along its picturesque beach. Among the most idyllic corners of the island there are the beautiful villages of Fiskardo and Assos. Throughout Kefalonia, countless breathtaking beaches, capable to satisfy every taste, are scattered. Learn more...

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13. Chania - Crete

Holidays in Chania Crete island Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Wonderful summer treasures are hidden in Crete. In Chanià, the imposing mountains, the deep gorges, the magnificent beaches, and the atmospheric old town with its picturesque Venetian harbor, create a perfectly lovable scene! A unique experience for nature lovers and hikers is the visit to the internationally famous Samarià Gorge. Also interesting is the visit to the historical village of Sfakià. As for the beaches of Chanià, crystal clear waters and endless coasts promise unforgettable sea times! Learn more...

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14. Rethymno - Crete

Holidays in Rethymno Crete island Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Equally beautiful is the romantic coastal city of Rethymnon. Venetian architectural elements are harmoniously blended with oriental influences, creating a residential complex of rare charm and particularity! Wander at the narrow streets of the old city, take some time to see the front of the old mansions, find the beautiful decorated with trellises with vines corners and discover architectural treasures, which will take you back in time! Do not forget to visit the Venetian castle of Fortezza, which rises on the top of Palaiokastro hill, offering breathtaking views. And when it's time for swimming, everybody will be happy, as the prefecture of Rethymnon features numerous beaches and bays. Learn more...

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15. Kalamata - Peloponnese

Holidays in Kalamata Messinia Greece Travel Guide of Greece

Beautiful corners are also hidden in the Peloponnese. In Kalamàta charming, well-preserved neoclassical buildings, palm trees, stylishly squares and the bustling beach promenade have contributed to making this city in to a popular tourist resort. If you feel nostalgic of bygone eras, the old town with itstraditional cafés and old coffee shops, as well as the imposing Frankish castle, which crowns the top of the hill, will enchant you! Along the Messinian coast there are many beautiful beaches and virgin coasts. Learn more...

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