Spring getaways in Greece

During spring time, nature awakens and earthly paradises hidden in every corner of Greece unroll their most fascinating secrets, in a range of wonderful colors and pleasant aromas!


Nestos River

Nestos River is featured high on the list of top spring destinations in the country. Try riverside hiking or crossing the Straits of the river, in a "deafening" silence, where nature is wild. During your walk, you visit the village of Toxotes with the picturesque train station as well as the deserted Kromniko, Imera and Libera villages. In Stavroupolis, you will have the opportunity to indulge in various activities like canoeing, kayaking, rafting, biking and horseback riding. This magnificent trek will lead you to the famous Delta of Nestos; one of the most important wetlands in the country. The lagoons, dunes, lakes, Megalo Dasos (the Great Forest) and the rare water buffalo will take you to a different, magical world!


Vikos Gorge

An alternative option is to walk through the spectacular Vikos Gorge, which unfolds in the Zagori region. Spring is the ideal time to cross the canyon and admire the creative palette of nature; the vertical and steep slopes are full of rare flowers and herbs, in a feast of colors! If you are adventurous enough, you can try canoeing, kayaking or rafting in the blue waters of Voidomatis river.


Prespa Lakes

In the northwest side of Greece, you will find the charming Megali and Mikri (Big and Small) Prespa Lakes; the "wet borders" of the country with Albania and FYROM. If you love bird watching, the twin lakes will fascinate you as they are the natural habitat for herons, cormorants and rare species of pelicans. Cross the floating bridge leading to the wooded island of Saint Achilleos (Small Prespa) and visit the traditional village Psarades to try lake carp, accompanied by local raki in Megali Prespa. Do not miss the boat ride to Megali Prespa. The experience will be unforgettable!


Pantavrechi Gorge

One of the most beautiful secrets of the Greek land is the gorge of Pantavrechi which unfolds in the heart of the Evrytanian mountain ranges. To reach the canyon, you should follow a relatively difficult hiking route, as you will need to climb rocks and get in the cold waters of Krikellopotamos up to your waist high. However, you should attempt it! The image of the crystal clear waters of the river, the water veils of the waterfalls, the wild flowers and the rare aquatic vegetation will compensate you!


Plastiras Lake

Ideal destination for spring time is also Plastiras Lake in Karditsa. The deep blue colors of the lake are harmoniously combined with the dazzling green of nature, creating an image that seems to have sprung from the canvas of an imaginative painter! Follow the path from Kryoneri until Neohori and visit the wildlife and bird observatory. If you like more vivid rythms, you can indulge in countless activities such as boating, water biking, riding, archery, lakeside cycling, climbing and hiking on mountain trails.


Vouraikos Gorge

The Peloponnese also hides beautiful spring secrets. A special experience is a ride from Diakofto to Kalavryta, the famous Odontotos (cog railway). This historic train passes through dreamscapes as it traverses the beautiful, lush canyon of Vouraikos, in a way that is breathtaking! Alternatively, you can cross the canyon on foot, following the path that unwinds next to the train tracks.


Folois Forest

In mountainous Ilia, the magical Folois Forest unfolds. It is ideal for walks and cycling especially in springtime, in a heavenly setting, with tall trees and dense vegetation. You can combine your tour to the majestic Folois Forest, with a visit to the mountain Lampia or Divri village. Navigate through the village and enjoy the image of the stone, tile-roofed houses which seem to be hooked on two green slopes!


Greece has countless paradise destinations, ideal for your spring vacations. Gorges, lakes, waterfalls, lush vegetation and melodic singing birds awaken the senses and promise moments of relaxation! All that remains is to choose your destination and enjoy the endless magic of nature...


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