Best Greek Islands in the Cyclades

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Greek islands Greece. Santorini Greece.
The atmospheric island of Thera or Santorini, lovers' most favorite destination, is one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the Cyclades, as well as one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the Mediterranean. The volcanic landscape of caldera, the little white houses that seem to hover over the brink and the peculiar beaches, with the black sand and the sculptured rocks, compose a scenery of magnificent beauty, alike of which does not exist!
Santorini's capital is the cosmopolitan town of Fira. On the caldera’s side, the houses are built undercut one to another, on different levels, so that one's yard consists the other one's roof. The image of the houses, which seem to have clung to the walls of caldera, the breathtaking view of the volcano and the deep blue sea, are the answer to the question, why the capital of Santorini is included among the most beautiful parts of Greece...
Greek islands Greece. Mykonos island Greece.
Mykonos, the most cosmopolitan Cycladic Island, has two faces. On the one hand, the Mykonian crowded "corners" are every year photographed and published as lifestyle magazines’ covers, whilst the dynamic nightlife, the frantic after-hour parties with first-class DJs and the cosmopolitan beaches bring this island at the forefront of the tourist preferences.
In Chora, island’s main town, cobbled, winding streets, whitewashed terraces, windmills and traditional Cycladic houses compose a dreamy scene. Between Castle and Scarpa villages, there is one of the most romantic "corners" of this island, built literally over the sea...
Greek islands Greece. Naxos island Greece.
Naxos, the largest Cycladic Island, used to be the center of the Cycladic civilization and a place of utmost importance during Venetian Era. Towers, castles, ancient temples, monasteries, churches, traditional villages, beautiful beaches and majestic mountains form the backdrop of this special island.
In the modern part of the town, you will find meticulous restaurants and taverns with traditional cuisine, atmospheric cafés/bars and shops. Beyond the tourist character, Naxos’ Chora has precious historical and archaeological monuments. One of the most important monuments and Naxos’ landmark is Portara. A huge marble gate situated on the Palaces’ islet, in front of the port. Portara faces Delos Island. It is thought to be the entrance of Apollo’s temple which was never completed. The Palaces’ islet is an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset...
Greek islands Greece. Milos island Greece.
This romantic island, Milos, is one of the most enchanting islands of the Cyclades and also lovers’ favorite destination! Traditional villages, heavenly beaches, volcanic rocks and small coves, dug into the rocks, constitute a peculiar charming setting, which compensates even the most-traveled visitor!
The capital of Milos is the captivating Plaka; one of the most charming and original capitals of the Cyclades. Whitewashed houses with colorful doors and shutters, cobblestone streets, small traditional shops, restaurants and café/bars with breathtaking views, make a scene that seems to have sprung from a painting...
Greek islands Greece. Paros island Greece.
The cosmopolitan island of Paros is one of the largest islands of the Cyclades. "Dressed" in the traditional Cycladic white-blue colors and surrounded by dreamy beaches, is rightfully featured in the list of the top summer destinations.
Port and capital of Paros is the cosmopolitan Parikia or Chora, which lies on the west coast of the island. Parikia provides guests with all the comforts: tourist shops, gourmet restaurants, fish taverns, café/bars and night clubs spring up from every corner of the capital. At the entrance of the harbor, a white windmill, which magnetizes the eye, stands out...
Greek islands Greece. Amorgos island Greece.
The beautiful island of Amorgos is lazily perched on the eastern part of the Cyclades complex. Mystical landscapes, "bold" mountains, cliffs, springs, fierce streams and endless blue compose a place deeply erotic, which has a strange but yet passionate appeal to its visitors!
Capital of Amorgos is the noble Chora, which unfolds in the center of the island, around the tiny Venetian Castle. The rare Cycladic architecture, the narrow, cobbled streets, the shady squares, the Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and the picturesque windmills compose a place so charming; rightly one of the most beautiful capitals of Cyclades...
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