Phaistos Palace Heraklion Crete

Phaistos Palace

The Phaistos Disk Palace Heraklion Crete

One of Crete’s most important archaeological sites is Phaistos. It dominates on the south of the island, on a hill, in the arms of imposing mountains. Phaistos was one of the three major cities founded by Minos, and an important center of Minoan civilization. According to mythology, king of Phaistos palace was Minos’ brother, Rhadamanthus. The name of this great city is inextricably linked to the famous Phaistos Disk, kept in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. Until now, the archaeological riddle remains alive; it has not been possible to decrypt the information shown on the Disk. Besides the priceless archaeological value, the site of Phaistos is also famous for its panoramic view!