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Sea Kayaking Pelion Secrets

Sea Kayaking Pelion Secrets Greece

North East Pelion, Greece. A spectacular Mediterranean landscape right in the heart of Greece. A unique combination of wild forests and mountains rich in plant and animal life and remote pristine beaches. Home of the Mythical Centaurs, half-men half-horse creatures.
A prominent stop for those who love the outdoors is Damouchari. The only natural harbor of the area, a romantic and dreamlike scenery.  It is still a fishing village dated from the beginning of the 20th century and used as the commercial hub for the whole North East Pelion area until a few decades ago.
Big old stone buildings with the old distinctive traditional architecture of Pelion still exist and welcome visitors to their mysteries of the old times. Starting from here, paths known as “kalderimi” in Greek, connect Damouchari to the other famous villages and beaches of the area.
Now hikers and nature lovers enjoy the walks in these paths, once used by locals with horses and mules which helped them transport the shipments up and down the hills.
There is also the picturesque beach of Damouchari with the special white pebbles and the high cliffs, a real ornament – a surprise for every traveller.
Sea Kayaking gives you the opportunity to see this magnificent pristine area from a totally different perspective. It is an excellent way to explore the coastline and access spots that boats, even small inflatables, would not even dare to approach.
With our guided trips we will stop in inaccessible remote beaches, go into numerous sea caves of the area (the closest one is north of Fakistra Beach), do some snorkeling and maybe if you’re lucky we’ll see dolphins & seals!
These tours are aimed to people with little or no previous experience, but for more experienced paddlers as well. Itineraries vary in length and we head both north and south from Damouchari.
All you need to bring is a bathing suit, a towel, a hat, sunscreen and appetite for adventure! Safety instruction and briefing for your sea kayak experience is given before every tour to ensure that everyone has understood what to expect and how to handle a kayak.
Damouchari is a hidden gem for those who seek quiet and peaceful getaways. Sea Kayaking is a new outdoor activity in the area and our company Pelion Secrets offers genuine hospitality along with quality equipment.
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Sea Kayaking Pelion Secrets

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